How to stay healthy while working a desk job

Millions of us head to work every day to sit at a desk 9-5. But this working routine can cause all sorts of health problems if we do not stay on top of maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing.

Staying healthy while working a desk job is so much more than swapping out the crisps for fruity snacks. There is actually a lot of posture-related issues which can lead to poor health and long-term effects.

Today we are discussing how to stay healthy while working a desk job, and focusing on the joints, bones and posture.

Keep everything at eye level

While working at a desk, it is important that you avoid crouching over your computer keyboard. Screens should be kept at eye level so that you can comfortably sit and work.

You might find your chair needs adjusting to help, or you need a monitor stand to heighten the level of your screen.

HR departments are legally required to offer a workplace assessment for anyone that wants one. This will help you find the perfect working position and desk organization.

Maintain a proper posture

In a similar fashion, your workplace assessment may show you that your posture is less than ideal. A lot of us working an office job will not take advantage of the chair’s full back rest, and instead sit forward or lean in.

Maintaining a proper posture is incredibly important for our health. It can help keep the airways open while relieving pressure from our hips, back and shoulders. Long term poor posture can also open the door to chronic pain and disturbed sleep.

To help, your office should be able to provide an ergonomic desk chair. If budgets are small, investing in a back rest pillow will not only feel like you are being hugged throughout a stressful day, but also prevent back pain and encourage better posture. Back rest pillows are also the best pillow for reading in bed to help bookworms avoid back ache.

Get up and stretch

It is important to take a break from sitting by getting up and stretching. Whether you persuade a colleague to take a lunchtime walk with you every day, or you offer to do the coffee run more regularly, getting up can help your skeleton realign and stretch your muscles to avoid cramp. It can also help with alleviating mental stress and give you new clarity to start on your next task of the day.

Protect your eyes

We have all seen the advice to look away from digital devices an hour before bed, so to enjoy a better night’s sleep, but what about all that computer time at work? No matter how in the zone you are with your latest spreadsheet, it is important to protect your eyes from damage by looking away from the screen regularly. Try to focus on something out of a window or on the other side of the office to allow your eyes to relax.

So, exercising and taking a healthier lunch to work or only sipping on green tea might make you feel like you are being healthy, but there is actually a whole range of other tips for maintaining your health while doing a desk job. Protecting your posture, joints and eyes are all key to living a healthy life and prevent ailments and illnesses in later life.

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