How to Start Free Blog and Some Free Blog Platforms You Need To Know

Despite the dwindling in the progress of free bloggers, most people are still ready to join the blogging game. No matter the reason why you want to start your on blogging whether to convey your views and excitement for your leisure pursuit or hobby , hook up with other people around the world on a personal level or even blog to just assist in supporting your  business, blogging can be an  exciting way to link up with the world. So, here you will learn how to start free blog through some free blog platforms.


Find the Best Free Blog Platform

Blogging is more than mere posting photos and writing and for you to make it as a free blogger that just want to start you must find the blog platform that will suit your needs. Being a newbie or fresher in blogging you need the platform that will be easy and simply to use at the same time provide you with some customization tools. This is because, your main objective while starting blogging is to provide your audience with all the things they need to not only read your blogs but also interact with them.

Go For the Platform That Will Cater For Your Needs Base on Your Experience

In case, you are just a newbie and have not blogged before, you must search for the free blogging platform that will cater for the need of beginners. In that regard, in most case, the platform should not provide you with options to change some CSS or even HTML codes as that will be difficult for you to do. But, if you have been blogging but just want to start up a new free blog, the coding will be very important to you.

Decide Whether to Pay For Some Options in a Blogging Platform

This decision is very vital and important for you as a beginner in free blogging. You must decide whether to continue with the free options provided to you by the free blog platform you selected or to improve your work by paying for some premium options that come with the blog. This is because most free blog platforms normally reserve some important features and options for their premium users.

How Free Blog Platforms Work and Their Examples

There are many free blog platforms today through which you can start up your blogging without spending money. But, you must know that each free blog platform normally offer some options for free and keep major options for those that can pay for them. Also, some of them focus their service on beginners while some on experts. Some of the examples of free blog platform you need to know include:

  • org
  • com

 Indeed, for you to find out the platform that will be best for your free blog as a beginner, you have to check if the platform focuses on experts or just for beginners. You should also verify about the possible customizable features offered by each free blog platform before making your choice. You must also confirm the ease of use associated with each platform as that can make it easy for you to kick off your blogging as a beginner without a problem. Good luck !

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