How to Promote Yourself in the Automotive Industry

When running a car dealership, there are a whole host of points to bear in mind. One of the most important is learning how to promote yourself successfully. After all, without successful promotion, it will be hard for you to get people to visit your dealership and look for deals on a car. If you want to promote your business successfully in the automotive industry, read this specially created guide to learn more.

Get Custom Accessories

Branding is such an important part of running an automotive business. Create custom items that show off your brand to potential customers. Whether that’s trucker hats, car stickers, iPhone cases, face masks or anything else that you decide, there are a whole host of items that you can innovate with when it comes to putting your brand out there. For some ideas about branding your company, check out the excellent services available at

Buy Local TV Adverts

While you probably don’t have the budget to buy a TV spot on national television, which can cost upwards of $100,000, if you have money to run on a local TV channel, you can cleverly redirect potential customers towards your dealership. Creating an advert can be cheap to do as well; for example, you can hire student directors to make the film for free in order to bolster their resume.

Create a Killer Website

Car dealer owners need to operate in the modern day if they really want to stand out in the crowd. One way to really ensure this is to create a killer website that will impress anyone who encounters your site. It’s worth hiring a proper internet developer who will be able to make your website as well-made as possible. Also, make sure to SEO-optimize it correctly so that people will be able to discover your website by searching online.

Build Real Personal Connections

The basics still apply in the automotive industry. In order to truly sell your car to someone, you have to apply a personal touch and remain likable. By building these real personal connections, your business will be one that people bear in mind when they are asked for word-of-mouth recommendations for the best place to buy a car. Make sure to also attend a variety of marketing events in order to connect with other people in the industry and to share top tips.

Run a Touch the Car Contest

One of the best ways to promote your car dealership is to run a touch the car contest. Highly popular across swathes of the USA, a touch the car contest has a simple premise: whoever can hold onto the car for the longest possible time gets to win a car.

While there will be an initial loss of value from giving away the first car for free, you can also make money from tickets to compete and pull in hundreds of customers by creating a carnival-like atmosphere. Just make sure that you have a medical team on hand in case someone is injured in the process.

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