How to Plan a Small Wedding

A small wedding can be just as beautiful as a large wedding but requires much less work. Some low-key couples prefer the idea of a small wedding where the entire experience feels intimate.

There are a limited number of options couples have at their disposal for small weddings. Many venues, especially in big cities, require a minimum number of guests that exceeds the number some couples want at their wedding. While a chapel is always a logical choice for a wedding, even a small one, there are other venues where one could just as easily be held.

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It is not unusual for couples who want to have a small wedding to simply get married at their home or the home of a close friend or family member. Small weddings can be held in one’s house or in their backyard. To hold a small wedding outside the home, restaurants and gardens are also a popular choice.

In general, small weddings are easier to plan than big weddings if a couple doesn’t want the traditional wedding day. One way to stay away from tradition and still incorporate standard aspects of a wedding ceremony is to skip the walk down the aisle and instead serve light snacks and drinks leading up to the ceremony’s beginning. On the other hand, when a bride does want to walk down the aisle at her small wedding, she can task her guests with helping create her wedding bouquet. This can be done by ensuring that select guests have a flower in their hand before the bride makes her descent. As she walks down the aisle, each guest can hand her a flower to go into her bouquet.

A small wedding doesn’t necessarily call for ushers as there will likely only be a handful of select guests in attendance. One way for the bride to interact with and thank her guests for coming to the ceremony is to act as the usher herself and escort guests out of the ceremony venue. This allows the bride to have one on one time with each guest, making the experience more personal for everyone.

With fewer guests in attendance, there will be more room in the guest book for each person to write a heartfelt message to the bride and groom. Considering the size of most standard guest books for a wedding, every guest can have an entire page to themselves to express their feelings on the wedding day. This is something that would be harder to accomplish at a larger wedding.

When there aren’t many people to mingle with during a wedding, it’s always good to plan a lot of activities. You should pick up some low priced wedding sparklers and some packages of confetti to give to your guests to occupy their time. When combined with a DJ or wedding band, both sparklers and confetti will make your small wedding feel much larger than it really is.

When couples plan a small wedding they often enjoy a less stressful experience than couples who plan a huge bash. For small weddings, many couples will even create their own wedding invitations and RSVP cards at home. Aspects of the planning such as this one allow the bride and groom to truly personalize every facet of their wedding day in ways that couples who plan larger weddings very often don’t get to do.

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