How to Increase Privacy of Your Property

Your home is where you should be able to relax at the end of the day. However, if you feel as though you have very little or no privacy, enjoying full relaxation can be very difficult. Your property should block out noisy neighbours, the sounds of traffic, and allow you to be able to hide away from the eyes of passers-by.

If, however, you’re struggling to get the privacy you require, it’s about time you made a few changes to your home. In this blog, we’re going to discuss just a few of the ways you can make your home more private.

  • Screening

Having fencing or screening installed on your property is one of the easiest ways you can improve privacy around your property. This barrier means that you and your family can enjoy quality time spent in the garden without worrying about peering eyes from neighbors. There are many different types of fencing or screening to consider, from glass to hedging to suit your garden aesthetic. It would be best to seek the assistance of a professional labourer to chat about the various garden wall screening options with you.

·  Clever Landscaping

Fencing isn’t the only solution for making your garden private, however, it would be advised, as the solid structure will also give your home extra security. If you’re looking to give your garden a little more visual interest, you could get creative with landscaping for additional privacy measures. You could incorporate tall hedges and planters between neighboring properties or even install a large water feature as a barrier at the edge of the garden.

  • Tint Your Windows

If there are certain rooms of the home that are exposed to neighboring properties, you may feel uncomfortable going about your daily errands knowing that you might be watched. The good news is that you can easily ensure a greater degree of privacy by installing tinted windows. These are designed to allow the sunlight to flood through while offering you a full view of the outdoors, while cleverly preventing outsiders from looking in.

  • Blinds and Shutters

You could also decide to install blinders and shutters to windows so that no one can see inside of your home at certain times of the day. These are ideal as they can be custom-made to suit your interior décor while allowing natural light to flood through.

  • Re-Arrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, the position of the furniture can make you feel uncomfortable if passers-by are getting a full view of you relaxing. Therefore, it may be an option to rearrange your furniture in your living room so that seating is out of view, or you could even go as far as to switch rooms for different uses.

Everyone deserves to have privacy within their home, so we hope this brief guide has come in useful with some pointers as to how to make small changes to keep nosy neighbours at bay and help you feel more relaxed as you unwind.

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