How To Have A Conversation With A Girl And Avoid Awkward Silences Using only These Two Tips

Does your hands get sweaty every time you talk with girls? Does your voice start to croak or mind goes completely blank?

How To Have A Conversation With A Girl

This can be quite frustrating, especially if you like the girl you are talking with. Luckily, we are going to show exactly how to have a conversation with a girl.

The Reason Why We Struggle

Most guys struggle because they don’t know what to say. And secondly, they are scared they are going to say the wrong thing.

This stress is what leads to your brain becoming foggy, your palms to get sweaty and your voice starting to croak. It’s a reaction from the stress.

But this is not only something shy guys struggle with, a lot of extroverted guys struggle with this as well.

So even when you might think you are alone in this world, don’t worry. A lot of guys shave the same problem.

Keep on reading to find out the two tips you can use on how to have a conversation with a girl.

Two Tips On How To Have A Conversation With A Girl


Nobody has time to read those “35 Tips For A Better Relationship” articles, and by the time when you get to #17, you have already forgot the first ones.

That’s why we read all those articles for you, and condensed them all to the best, two, useful tips, that’s also easy to remember.

This is all you will ever need to on how to have a conversation with a girl, and avoid awkward silences.

Tip #1 — No Filter


Like we mentioned earlier, a lot of guys are scared of saying the wrong thing, and end up saying nothing and all, and creating awkward silences.

How do we fix this?

By removing your filters. Most people filter their opinions before saying them, but what we are going to do in the future, is completely remove this filter and saying anything that comes to mind.

This doesn’t mean just blurting out whatever comes to your mind. But when a girl says she likes seafood pizza, and you’re wondering what to say next. Don’t. Just say whatever pops into your mind and go with it. Don’t worry what she will think.

Sure sometimes you might offend the girl by saying seafood pizza makes your breath stinks, but it’s still better than saying nothing at all. And the girl will most likely respect you for speaking your mind and not being just another yes man.

Tip #2 — Listen


Our second tip might seem confusing, as this is a guide on how to have a conversation with a girl, but bear with us and it will soon make sense.

Actively listening is one of the greatest tricks you can have in your conversation arsenal, not only with girls, but in conversation in general.

It will make the other person feel that more special, and they will rate you as a great conversationalist.

But where this tactic really comes to shine, is using the info you’re receiving. If a girl is late for your date, and she says she was hold up at the tanning salon, you can use this in your own conversation.

If you don’t know anything about tanning, ask her how it works or for a few tips. If you wanted than once, and totally got sunburned, this is a nice funny story to tell.

Same thing if she mentions she likes Ryan Gosling. If you been actively listening, you tell up these kind of things and just go from there.

Ask her what’s her favorite movie of him, or why you don’t like him, or anything like that.

When you are actively listening and looking for subjects you can you use to keep the conversation going, you will never in your whole world have an awkward silence.

Keep in mind, there is the old joke of girls talk 30,000 words a day, and guys only 10,000. That girls talk more than guys is a fact, and you can use this to your advantage by listening and just asking out more in what you are interested, and letting the girl do all the talk work. Easy as pie.

If All Else Fails

If all else fails, get drunk and you’ll have all the confidence in the world.

Don’t really get drunk (we were only joking), unless you never want to see the girl again.

But really, if all else fails, order a drink or two (No More), to get a little bit dutch courage. This will ease your mind a bit, and can be quite nice conversation starter.


If you want to know how to have a conversation with a girl, all you have to do is remove your mental filter and say whatever first comes to mind, and actively listen for further question. If you follow just these two tips, you can be sure you will never run out of something to say and avoid those nasty awkward silences.

Now go out there and chat up those girls.

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