How to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Are you planning head your way to Vietnam? You should not waste your time. There are tons of reasons for you to visit the lovely and breath-taking destinations in this Asian region. You will love the awesome tropic weather condition as well as the amazing native foods in this country. Vietnam is a small nation unlike to its neighboring countries. It has three International airports where you can find an offer for a Vietnam visa.


Basically, there are two ways for you to obtain Vietnam visa; you can straight away go to the Embassy of Vietnam or you can just apply via online. At the same time a bit more engrossed than other nation, Vietnam does permit foreign tourist to get a “Visa On Arrival” or is commonly known as VOA that is available to the three International Airports of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi and Da Nang. Bear in mind that it is essential to remember to have Vietnam visa application ahead of entering the country.

For the reason that the process to get approval is executed by the local travel agents, here are the ways on how to get your own VOA.

The Vietnam visa on arrival paperwork is not a fully and complete visa, rather you will be able to employ a certain agent ahead of arriving the country to get the official letter of approval that you hand over at the VOA counter when you arrive. By the time the payment of visa processing fee within the airport, you will have your passport return with a complete visa inside.

The majority of the agents will require you to tell your existing nationality as portion of the processing of the Vietnam visa application at the same time if you are qualify, you can already apply for a one or three month visa.

How much fee is charged by VOA agents?

The fees charged by the agents vary from $9 or more and it will depend on the sort of visa as well as the agent in charge to you. You can find also some tour operators as well as travel agents that can provide you cut-off prices of Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter costs in the chance that you will book to them.

How you can get a letter of approval?

If you are applying for a Vietnam visa letter of approval, you can achieve it easily if you will prefer using online. You can visit for easy access. You will find also reputable and trusted agents that make use of Google, Yahoo and other search engines. You will have easy access since they accept all kinds of major credit cards as well as if you want to pay via PayPal.

By the time you are done filling out the information online, a confirmation mail will be sent to a secure website for you to pay the fee of the agency and after 2 to 3 days, they will email you the approval letter and viola! Furthermore, if you have concerns on the security of your visa, then you must consult the embassy for your Vietnam visa.

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