How to get more followers on Vine?

For people who are less familiar with regular social network upgrades, here’s a short introduction- Vine is a downloadable video sharing app launched in 2013. Unlike Youtube, it only allows users to capture and share short looping videos, for as long as six seconds. It also has the allowance of browsing through videos posted by different users and some other videos by categories such as- theme, trending, or popular. While it is owned by Twitter, Vine also allows its video to be shared on platforms like Facebook. It is free of downloading charges on IOS and Android devices.

Here’s what you can do to get more vine followers:twitter followers

  • Think on your feet:

Nothing clicks more than originality. If your vines are not only creative but also hilarious, people are bound to follow you. You can always personally invite your friends to like your vine and become vine followers for your account. Try to be a person who others would like to follow.

  • Create an attractive profile:

By this I mean that your Vine profile should have a professional touch to it. A good bio would only add to its charm. This would score brownie points with the audience, with some of them becoming your followers.

  • Like for like:

Use popular hash tag, which can become a winning mantra. Try to like videos posted by different viners. Some people will start following you, if not all. Also, find a popular viner of your genre. Like and comment on their vines. It is surely getting you some attention. You could also make a group of viners. If one friend’s vine goes viral, you can automatically get followers.

  • Frequency matters:

Try to be a regular viner. Post quality vines frequently, atleast one per day. Use other social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to spread the word. Hashtags make it easier to find your vine, so make sure you use a lot of them. ( relevant ones, of course.)

  • Buying followers:

If you want fast results, buying followers can be the absolute solution. There are websites like which gives you instant results and helps you Buy followers. There are several packages according to your need.

Usually, the number of followers in the smallest package could be 500 costing 5 dollars while the largest package comes with 100,000 followers with charges as high as 230 dollars. The selection is also done on the basis of per capita income. The two major things to be considered when one is shopping for followers are- Reliability and speed. The process of receiving followers can vary from 6 hours to 72 hours depending on the amount of followers needed. This method is by far the most efficient for getting followers.

Last but not the least, DO NOT GIVE IN. Most people end up watching most of the videos rather than posting some themselves. The usual ‘Go with the flow’ strategy might act against you. Stick to what you are doing and you shall find a place in the editor’s list and eventually on the dashboard.

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