How To Force A Mac Application Stop In Yosemite?

If you use a Mac OS X computer, you might sometimes need to stop an unresponsive application, which eats a lot of your system resources, while you cannot stop it by the normal way.

In Windows, you can easily force any program to stop by using Task Manager. Just simply press Control + Alt + Delete to open the Task Manager program, select the program you want to close and then force it to stop.

You can also force quit Mac applications by the same way. However, it’s a bit difference between Windows OS and Mac OS X. There are three simple ways you can follow to force a program to stop in Mac OS X Yosemite or any other Mac operating system, by using Activity Monitor, Force Quit Applications or Terminal.

Mac Application

Ways To Force A Mac Application Stop In Mac OS X Yosemite

The first method you can use to force an application in Mac OS X to quit is use the Activity Monitor program. It’s a program, which allows you to monitor all Mac processes and terminate it when you want.

In order to open Activity Monitor, simply press Command + Space to launch Spotlight, search for Activity Monitor and then open it.

In the Activity Monitor program, you will able to select the application you want to close and then force it to quit.

You can also use “Force Quit Application” function to close a running app in Mac. To open this built-in function, simply press Command + Options + Esc. A window will be opened, let you select the program you want to quit and then just close it.

Terminal app in Mac OS X is also a good application to use to close an unresponsive program on your Mac computer. In order to use, open Terminal from Utilities in Applications, and type the following command: killall [program_name], to terminate the application. For example: if you want to close “Finder” in Mac OS X, simply type: killall Finder, and then press Enter.

I hope you can stop any unresponsive program in Mac OS X right now. If you have any other good way to force an application to quit in Mac, feel free to share with us.

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