How to Find the Best Party Planner

Is your company planning a corporate or end-of-year party? You may also be planning a private event like a wedding or anniversary party. Planning a party can be hectic and time-consuming. It is better to hire a party planner rather than planning your party unprofessionally. There are hundreds of party planners you can hire for the job. However, it’s best that you choose the right planner for your party/event. Here are some of the things that may guide you in finding the best event planner.

Do extensive research on the available party planners

Have a list of party planners in Oxfordshire. You can go through magazines, social media or search online. Visit several party planner websites to know more about their services. You can call or contact them via email to enquire more about their services. This step should help you narrow down a list of planners offering services related to your needs.

Enquire about their area of expertise

What kind of parties does this planner specialise in? There are lots of different events and parties a planner may choose to concentrate on. A wedding party planner, for instance, is not ideal for planning your corporate party. Before you hire a planner, enquire about their area of expertise.


How many parties has the planner organised? What was their scope of work in each event? Have they planned a similar party in the past? These questions will lead you to find a professional and experienced event planner.

Consider your budget

You may choose to delegate part of the planning or the entire planning task. Either way, the decision depends on your budget. How much have you budgeted for the party? How much is the planner charging to plan the party? It is advisable that you request quotes from several party planners and compare them. From these quotes, you will be in a position to hire the right party planner.

Read the contract

Before you hire a party planner, make sure that you’ve read and understood their terms of hiring. The first thing to look at is the contract terms in case you postpone or cancel the event. You may be forced to cancel an event under certain circumstances. Some planners will charge for services and time utilised before your cancellation. These terms vary from one planner to the other. It is, therefore, essential that you compare these policies to find the most favourable policy.

Finally, enquire about equipment and technology. What kind of tents, chairs and cooking equipment will they use? What kind of public address and entertainment equipment do they have? These are some of the things you need to factor in before you hire a party planner. Holding a party organised by a professional event planner is fun, easy and affordable.

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