How to Find Flattering Scrubs and Lab Coats When You’re Petite

It’s a harsh truth, but you can’t feel confident or look professional in a lab coat that doesn’t fit your frame. A true-to-size, properly proportioned petite lab coat is a must-have for women in medicine of petite stature. Your work attire should be both flattering and comfortable, so you can focus on what really matters.

Here are some tips and tricks for finding flattering scrubs and lab coats when you’re petite:

Shop the right brands

As a petite woman, you probably have a few favorite brands and stores that carry the kind of clothes you like to wear out of the office. Medical attire is no different. Shop around for brands that understand a petite frame and can cater to your specific needs. At the very least, look for brands that offer some customization, like short pants sizes.

If you’re looking for women’s petite lab coats, you should find a company that understands what women under 5-foot, 4-inches need — and that will deliver on its promises. Take for example, the the M3 Ellody, which is described as fitting “like a custom tailored suit jacket.” It comes in multiple sizes, and has flattering, contoured seams that won’t overpower a small frame. Plus, it’s wear resistant and moisture wicking — so it’ll last as long as you do.

Avoid distracting details and patterns

Bright colors or distracting patterns, like vertical stripes, can be a nightmare for any body type — but petite women have to be especially careful if they want to maintain a lengthened silhouette.

The good news for those who work in scrubs is that monochromatic outfits can help. Look for universally flattering colors, like navy blue or black, when you go shopping for scrub sets. And when it comes to the lab coat, keep it simple. Avoid accessories like flashy lanyards, pins or anything else that could draw attention away from a crisp, clean coat.

Some fashion experts say matching your shoe color to your pants, dress skirt or, in this case, scrubs can help create an illusion of height, as well.

Find a tailor near you

Finally, one the best things petite women can do to improve their wardrobe is to befriend a local tailor and have certain items of clothing adjusted to fit like a glove. A good tailor can take items like pants and coats and determine where the hem would best sit to flatter your frame, and can also bring in tops to fit in a more comfortable – and attractive — fashion. If you’re looking into this option, factor about 10 percent of your clothing budget to go toward alterations.

If you don’t have the time to take your clothes to a tailor, or are looking to save a little cash, there are a few home at-home alteration tricks you can learn. First, understanding how to decrease the width of a sleeve can take a blouse or dress from unsightly large to perfectly trimmed. Tapering and hemming pants can also be transformative for those on the shorter side.

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