How to Figure Out Your Unique Style

Finding your style takes a little work. After many years of going with the flow and following trends, it can be scary to step outside your comfort zone and try on items you’ve never previously thought of. However, the result of doing so far outweighs the discomfort you initially feel. Here is how you can figure out your unique style.

Browse Online Inspiration

Is there a character from a film whose clothes you deeply admire? Maybe you follow someone on Instagram who posts images wearing alternative clothes you can only dream of owning? Instead of admiring these outfits in passing, make an effort to browse your clothes inspiration online, and make a note of what stands out to you. By the end of doing so, you’ll have a list of clothes to get you started.

Find Your Colors

When it comes to style, color is essential. Figure out your skin tone and find the colors that make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle.

After knowing which colors suit you best, invest in some clothing dye to create your own unique items with your chosen shades. Experiment first with some old white clothing, and soon you’ll have a wardrobe full of items not seen anywhere else.

Visit Vintage Stores

If you frequently visit common stores like Target and Victoria’s Secret, then it might be time to shake things up a little. You will find many more individual pieces in vintage stores. Plus, you’ll be taking your money away from fast fashion, which is one of the world’s worst industries for pollution.

Take your time while searching through rails and pick out a few pieces to try on. You never know – you might discover you suit something you’d never have thought of picking up previously.

Play with Accessories

Your style doesn’t just come from your clothes – accessories play a huge part, too. If you pick an outfit that seems a little dull, then freshen it up with some chunky earrings or a bright-colored scarf. You could even base your style primarily on the accessories you wear. You could become the person who always wears funky earrings, the one who always has a different hat, or the person with an endless number of vibrant handbags.

Clear Out Your Closet

De-clutter your closet by giving away all the items you no longer wear and pulling aside the ones you always cling to. It’ll make room for more items you will wear and show you what not to buy in the future. Also, by noticing which clothes you pick the most, you’ll have a better idea of your overall style.

Create a Style Collage

Once you have figured out what sort of clothes you love, you should make a style collage portraying that. When you are at a loss for what to wear, you can look at the collage for some inspiration. Include characters you admire, the clothes your favorite influencers wear, and images of items that you can’t quite afford yet (but hope to soon).

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