How to Exercise When Driving  

It can be frustrating to drive sometimes, between traffic, stop lights and fellow road warriors who seem intent on making you angry… especially when you’re just trying to get to work. Instead of releasing your tensions out on the road, you can embrace this built-up energy to your advantage. You can capitalize your time spent in traffic by easily exercising in your car! Here are some suggestions that won’t compromise your safety, and may also transform you into a calmer and more productive driver.


Start Working Those Abs

Even when you’re on the road, you can still do crunches. You’re essentially tightening up your muscles and using limited motion in the car for about 10 seconds for each stomach crunch. This should not distract you, as you can still keep your hands at the 10 and 2 position. Coming from an online traffic school, we know that no one ever deviates from the 10 and 2 position! When you’re stopped for a long period of time, you could probably get in up to 5 reps, and it will definitely dispel some of that excess energy you have…the kind that’s usually released via a long string of angry words.

Twist and Shout

Similar to the crunch, you can sit entirely upright and twist the body to the right and to the left. Always face forward and go slow, and stop when you’re about to avert your eyes from the road. This side twist can help you tone your core, which is a prerequisite to practically any workout. Please note: there are about a thousand songs on the radio and individual playlists that will help motivate you to do this while driving.

Raise Those Calves

These are great when you’re waiting for a train to pass or at that one light that has you sitting there for what seems like days on end. You just have to raise the calves up and tighten the muscles, and go slow enough so you start to feel the burn. You can also just hold them for 30 seconds or more and then put them back down on the ground (then repeat.)

Arm Stuff

This is a little tougher because you’re working with your hands, but again, I can do wonders when you know you’re going to be stopped for a while. You can take a weight in your slightly bent arm, and then raise your forearm into a vertical position. The weight should be going towards your body, and you can keep your elbow in the same place (likely against your hip). Hold this for a few seconds before you bring the weight back down and then repeat. Space constraints aside, it’s a good way to get your biceps in shape. You can also take a hand grip and squeeze it with the right hand and then switch to the left after a few reps. There are a lot of different types of hand grips available, so you can go with the one that works best for you.

For those who say they have no time to work out, you now know that there is time for exercise… while driving back and forth. For those who are too tired to think of anything when they’re driving, this is a good way to stay alert without demanding too much of yourself. Just remember to stay safe! There are many ways to achieve great looks in California, Traffic School attendance for committing a traffic violation is NOT one of them ~

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