How To Do Your Spring Cleaning

What is better than to have a squeaky clean house this spring? I know most of the people among us hate to spend all their time doing nothing just cleaning. But think in this way, how better it will feel once the entire house is nice and clean. This article is a comprehensive elaboration on how to do your spring cleaning.


Starting with the bathroom, make sure to begin cleaning from the bath tub and go all the way to faucets, toilet seats and walls. According to this site you can use vinegar and essential oil solution or baking soda and liquid dishwasher as an alternative to the bathroom cleaners. Make sure to go in details while cleaning because you don’t get to do it on daily basis. Try cleaning the walls more as they are loaded with the everyday grime.


It will literally take two hours to clean your kitchen. All you have to do is to start with refrigerator. Initiate with condenser coil as it has so much lint accumulation. Try vacuuming the surface area behind refrigerator too. Don’t forget to treat the kitchen window(if present any) by vinegar and water solution. Then go all the way to the kitchen slabs and clean the counters with the DIY cleaning solution mentioned by this site. You should also degrease the cooking stove by any strong cleaners. At the end try washing all the kitchen utensils for a more dirt free sensation.

Living room:

Believe it or not but your living room is full of dust clutter even if you cannot see it with your eyes. Vacuum the curtains thoroughly and let the light sweep in your room. Use an extendable duster to wipe the ceiling and the fan. Rent a carpet or upholstery cleaning machines from a nearby shop so that you can clean the couch and make it allergen, mite and stain free. Clean all the bulbs and windows of the room more precisely. Use compressed air to clean the electronic present in your living room.


Before starting the cleaning process make sure you have each supply present at your house for cleaning purpose. First of all de-clutter the room from each unwanted objects in the bedroom. Dust off each single place of the room starting from the top to the sides. Make sure by the end of this cleaning not even a single particle of dust be present in you sleep heaven. Use dish soap and warm water to clean your closet walls. Wipe off loose debris with the help of microfiber cloth from switches and light fixture. If the grime still persists spray with half to half ratio of vinegar and water. Now is the best time to change any bulb in room that needs to be replaced. Clean windows from inside as well as outside and vacuum the floor in detail. Last but no least try a room freshener you can DIY it or buy an organic room freshener from you nearby store.


Having a fresh squeaky clean house is everyone’s desire but due to nature of fate we hate spending all our time served for cleaning. This practical guide will ease out your worries and give a clear prospective on how to do your spring cleaning.

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