How to choose best BBQ grill covers?

Have you been wondering about how to prolong the life of your new grill? Well, having a good quality BBQ cover is exactly what you need. Grill covers are extremely important, especially if your grill is part of your outdoor equipment. It will help you to protect your grill from rain, snow, heat, sleet and other hazardous weather conditions coupled with stubborn stain that reduce the efficiency of your grill.

Regardless of the grill type you have, a cover is a must have accessory. The cover will not only help you to protect your grill from harsh weather condition, but also help to prevent dust, filth, and grime. There are many different grill covers in the market, but remember not all the covers will suit your needs. For you to find the best BBQ cover for your grill there are some of the features that you need to consider.

BBQ grill covers

Some of the features that you need to consider includes:

The grill cover size

This is the first thing you need to consider when purchasing the BBQ grill cover. It is best to purchase the grill cover from the manufacturer or the same dealer where you bought the grill. This will help you to avoid buying a grill cover that is ill fitting. You should also ensure that the grill cover comes with a hook or a clinch for securing it. It is also important to get the grill that has straps to hold the cover firmly to the grill in case of a strong wind.

Material used

The material used is another thing you need to consider. BBQ grill covers are made from different materials that include vinyl, polyester, and fleece. If you need a lightweight yet durable material, a polyester cover would be the ideal choice. The polyester materials are also water resistant and can go for a long time without fading. Vinyl is also another material that is good at covering your grill. However, this material is prone to weather changes and wears out faster when compared to polyester. Fleece is not a good material to select because it takes a lot of time to dry, leaving your grill with mildew and mold. Make sure that you select a cover that comes with an inner lining that strengthen the cover and make it effective to cover your grill for a long duration.


It is very important to select a grill cover that is compatible with your grill. Charcoal, propane, gas, natural, and propane grills need customized grill covers to prevent them from being affected by harsh weather conditions. For example, charcoal grills tend to get dirtier than the rest. For this reason, you need to select a thicker and stronger grill cover to use.

Finally, it is important to select grills covers that are easy to clean using a damp cloth, come with adjustable straps for closure, have zippered pockets and air vents as well as scratch resistant. It is important to also go through various websites and look for the product that are highly rated and have the most positive customer reviews before purchasing. After making the decision, you can easily place an order online by matching the model number and that of the manufacturers and get the cover delivered at your doorstep. You can find a wide variety grill covers on Amazon or go to specialized stores that deals with just grills and covers and select the best grill that match your needs.

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