how nature cures and heal you

It is years ago we still think nature curing us and we sometimes have no trust on it. In olden days there were no hospitals around or any small dispensary Dr near. Olden days are over but those nature cure ways to make you feel better still works and they have reasons to use them at home. Once in a year or in a month there had big healthy problems disease so nature curing come and helps patience. We new generation think they nature cures way is olden cure method for patience but actually it is not there was no doctor before so it was effective and working nature cure healing.

Now days we have hospitals and Dr near us even we have 1 person Dr in our family. In olden days there was no Dr we ourselves used to do the job.

how nature cures review

When you have cold, or sore throat you do not need to go to the hospital and spend money paying your Dr and going to store or your dispensary guy will hand you a toffee for sore throat. We have here to get rid of sore throat you just have to make Cold Juice for it it might sounds unbelievable even you have sore throat and cold or facing sinuses I will recommend you to try a sip of Cold Juice it will work this is how nature cures you.

Hair loss is common issue for everyone out here, we die day by day and think about our hairs and cry for it. Rich people have got money they spend for it and go from north to south to get their hairs back. Actually what happens when you start losing your hairs? Your scalp dries or even you have slow blood circulation over your body or you have poor kidney problems.  What I will recommend for this to get your hair back almost every night before sleeping apply olive oil which can be found any grocery stores around you. Apply olive oil at night and use hair brush to help so that it go deep to your scalp. And lay 5 to 6 minutes up site down or better lay on desk and release your head to the corner so you see your roof up site down. With help of laying up site down your blood will come to your head and will help replace the bad blood with fresh blood. Other foods which will do help growing your hairs to take food which has silicon in it. Take potatoes and all.

Sinusitis is big problem over fat people around you. People be so much serious about sinusitis and run fast to the dr but they never try out salt purge for it which will make them better forever.

There are a lot nature cures ways to bring a twist and make you sharp and energetic home remedies is enough to change in your life and bring back to you to the natural healthy living life.

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