How Are Digital Signage Displays Used in Schools and Colleges? Find Out Here!

Two generations ago, blackboards were the only type of displays seen in schools. Then we saw the introduction of colored chalk, and after that, we moved on to green boards made of glass or other material and then the whiteboards. It is just one example of how classrooms have evolved in both schools and colleges. We see a change in almost everything, and when we step out of the classes and take a walk around the school, we notice the changes as well.

One such example of the sea change in our educational campuses is the increased usage of digital signage for schools and colleges. With the digital age having well and truly caught up with us, the use of digital signagewas just waiting to happen. Let us see the exciting and useful applications of digital signage being made in today’s educational institutions.

Teacher Replacements

Often, teachers need to avail planned leaves, and in some instance, they may even require sudden and unplanned leave as well. What the school authorities do on such occasions is rearrange the rosters of teachers in such a way that those who are not taking any classes at that time can be allocated as a replacement. These changes can be easily displayed on all the digital displays inside the school so that other teachers can come to know of these changes while walking through the corridors, and they do not even have to wait till they get back to the staff room or the administrative office.

Class Room Changes

Some schools have specific subjects taught in particular classrooms, for which different students from different sections need to come to that room for that class. It works fine until the day when that classroom has to be changed for some reason, and all hell breaks loose, with the administrative office going crazy answering queries. Such changes can also be displayed on screens or announced (if the digital signage also incorporates the use of centralized audio announcements). This way, students, and teachers can be notified of where they need to be for that particular class.

Campus Maps

Most renowned schools and colleges have large campuses, and reaching the different parts of the building or property may be confusing to new students, teachers or visitors. Wayfinding is one the prime uses of digital signage in schools and colleges. These maps make it easy for students, teachers, staff and visitors alike to move around the campus without needing to ask anyone, and the school is not burdened with having to put notices and signposts everywhere.

Cafeteria Menus

The cafeteria in schools and colleges are also places where digital signage has been put to good use. No more grubby menus with outdated prices and dirty pages. Well-designed displays of menus can contain attractive pictures, updated prices, possible combos and even the option of selecting certain things to mix and match on their plate.

Welcome messages

This method of welcoming visitors has been used very efficiently by companieswith digital signage. Digital displays can be used to convey personalized welcome messages to these visitors. Schools and colleges are now doing the same for their guests who could be parents, partners, education board officials, and sports coaches. It seems to be an excellent strategy to please anyone on whom a good impression needs to be made.

Consolidated Communications

A college or school has several channels of communications happening simultaneously between different segments like the principal’s office, teachers’ staff rooms, libraries, cafeterias and even classrooms. If properly networked, the digital signage system can be used as a more robust way of internal communication that can be accessed by the concerned party while they are on the move, instead of having to get back to their laptops or computers to check for new communications.

Student Achievements

Many colleges and schools have so many students that there are several students (and their parents) who somehow miss out the notice board messages and assembly announcements of students (or teachers) who have achieved something noteworthy. A rolling announcement spot put on all the digital signage displays across the school can ensure that all students can share in the pride and also feel motivated by the achievements of their fellow students or their teachers.

Entertainment With Education

There are many superb TV channels, films, documentaries and videos which contain rich educational content on different subjects over and above the syllabus. When there are no other essential information packs to be flashed on the screens of the digital signage, these can be played on a loop so that students can benefit from them if they happen to catch those programs.

Upcoming Events Calendar

It is a useful way in which digital signage can be used across the school or college in helping to inform all students about future education, sports or cultural events so that they do not miss out just because they ignored the announcement on the school notice board. The display can be enhanced to contain dates, eligibility, and application process along with the contact details of the concerned teacher at one place so that students do not need to ask anyone else.

Generate Revenue

Schools and colleges could also think along the lines of charging companies and brands to book advertising space on these digital signs and display them in a way that does not obstruct the central message. The school would need to have a considerable number of students and visitors for the idea to make financial sense to the advertiser.

These are just a few of the common uses of digital displays in schools and colleges, but many more innovative applications have been thought up by school and college management teams. That is the reason that the educational sector is one of the biggest markets for the digital signage industry.

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