How Animated Videos Help The Business In Marketing and Expansion

An explainer video should be the ­1st thing that you visitors can choose to ­view when they land on your website. First impressions are one of the most vital things in business, and a poorly executed explainer video can make you lose a high percentage of conversions and drive people away from you site. This is why it is so important to have an amazing explainer video to engage your audience.

If you want a good animated explainer video for your company, choosing the right video production studio is critical.­

Animated Videos review

There are many explainer video companies out there, but not all of them will be within your budget.  Some of the most affordable options are the companies that offer pre-designed animations. These types of videos are fast to produce, but they don’t have a good quality and the designs can’t be adjust to your brand. The problem with these videos is that you won’t be able to fit these pre-designed templates to your message, so you won’t convey a clear message or build a bond with your audience.

On the other hand, there are companies that craft custom animated videos with a team of professionals, from scriptwriters, producers, directors, art designers, and animators, to produce a custom designed video, specially created to engage your audience and transmit your message. The range of prices can vary a lot from company to company, so you’ll have to choose the company that best suits you needs and can’t within your budget (the most  expensive is not always the best).

There are several factors that will impact on the final budget of a custom video production, such as, the animation style, the length and time frame of the production, so take this into consideration when requesting a quote.

When seeking an animated video production company, ask for their portfolio (the videos they’ve produced), and evaluate whether their previous animations. Are the visuals outstanding or do they come from a Clipart gallery? Do they have a good story to go along with them?

Diving deeper, a video’s quality can be seen in many ways. Next, we’ll give you some tips on how to evaluate the quality of an explainer video:

The backgrounds are also an important element that will help to build up the environment and to develop the plot.

But, this is not all. The colours used in the explainer video should be related to the colours of the brand. This is something that not all companies are aware of, but it’s a key factor for the viewer to relate the video with your brand, even when they are not on your site (like in YouTube, for example).

On the other hand, the animated video production studio should let you actively participate in all stages of production (at the end of the day, no one knows your business better than you).

An explainer video helps represent and reinforce your brand across the web, the same way your logo and website do. What’s your brand personality? Are you a fun and playful business? Or, do you want to portray a serious and elegant image?

The personality of your business is not the only thing represented in your animated video. If you are using cartoon characters, you are also making a visual representation of your buyer persona. It’s an animated character that your customers should be able to relate to – they should see a little bit of themselves in that character.

There are several factors that will impact on the final budget of a custom video production, such as, the animation style, the length and time frame of the production, so take this into consideration when requesting a quote.

Translate your video into another language to connect to new markets

You already know the importance of targeting the right audience for your product. Targeting is based, not only on the gender, age, and interest of the audience, but also on their location.

Making a video in the same language as your target audience will appeal to them directly, and it’s a great way to test different markets before investing even more money on developing or modifying your product.

Let’s say you want to try venturing into a new market. You’ll need to translate your video to the language of the new market, you’ll need to make sure that you’re analysing the video’s performance. Taking a closer look at the performance results will help you better understand who is converting and where they’re located. You’ll have a much better idea of what your audience wants. Using YouTube Analytics, Wistia or Vidyard can help you analyse the results of the animated video as a marketing tool.

You can try using different messages at the end of the viewer take action, based on what you are the video, and test which one has better looking to accomplish. Your message can be results. Again, knowing the message in different in each case, depending on the action your video and what actions the viewer you want the viewer to take. Taking a free trial, has been asked to take would give you subscribing, or requesting a quote, are different quantifiable information that is useful in messages that can be used in different trying to better understand your audience. Your visitors become leads, and leads can later become customers. Using specific calls-to-action in your video can enhance the response of your audience, but it Play with different call-to-action messages, test can also be used as a powerful marketing tool out your results and have fun!

Using a custom animated character throughout the different social media channels helps establish a bond with your audience. Having a character and a design that’s easily recognizable gives your brand a consistent look, provides a more relatable persona to your business and helps give you a closer connection to your audience.

The boom of online videos in this tech-driven world has made Explainer Videos a must-have marketing tool for any online business. Explainer Videos have proven themselves to be a powerful marketing tool that can be integrated with the rest of your online campaigns.

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