How A Law Firm Should Market Itself Online

Today’s customer is spending less time “window shopping” and more time shopping online. They use their computers to locate the best products and services from the comfort of home, in the office or even while they relax at the beach. Technology has truly transformed our way of communication and our way of doing business.

This transformation applies when it comes to finding a good lawyer for representation. An increasing number of users are not relying on referrals; they are turning to the Internet to find firms that have proven lawyers. Therefore, it is important for a law firm to market itself online.

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“A law firm utilizing online marketing ensures that it exposes itself to a wide range of clients, giving it the opportunity to educate potential clients on its practice areas,” said Bill Mauzy, a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer. “In turn, clients can use the Internet to judge a lawyer’s potential. In addition, it is very economical and offers a creative means for your services’ promotion.”

How can a law firm begin marketing its business online?

Create a compelling website.

As a law firm, your website is very significant for your online presence. It is the basis for your Internet marketing plan. A law firm should design a simple website. It must appear professional and inviting. It should highlight the cases you have won and provide your visitors with an idea of where your values stand.

Utilize personal branding.

Clients tend to look for a lawyer, not a law firm. It is important to provide information on each of your lawyers. Lawyers within the firm should promote their individual brand through the law firm website and through social media. A lawyer’s “bio” section on the law firm site should include their professional photo, their credentials, information on their experience in the courtroom, publications, social media links, and a call-to-action.

Blog consistently.

Whether it stands alone or it is part of a website, a blog helps you engage traffic and potential clients. Your blog can be a major source of useful information. By viewing your informative content, videos, infographics, or images, clients can get a better sense of your firm’s areas of specialty. This will help you earn their trust, resulting in a higher chance of them contacting you when they are in need of defense representation.

Make sure that as a law firm employee in charge of your content marketing, you follow trending topics related to the legal world. This way, you can help clear up any legal news that your visitors have been following, such as changes to a DUI law.

Create and follow a “publishing schedule” as this will increase the chance that you will actually stick with your blogging strategy.

Be smart about advertising.

 “Advertising entails various stages and different approaches. Facebook ads work well because most users spent an ample amount of time on Facebook. Google AdWords campaigns are also effective as they target Google users searching for specific queries,” said Mark Herman, a Minneapolis assault defense lawyer. “For example, as a DUI defense lawyer in Denver, CO, you can tailor your ads to users searching for ‘DUI defense lawyer in Denver.’”

It is important to test different approaches and decide what works for you. It is important that you consider where to advertise and how you will track your spend & your return on investment (ROI).

Additional channels that feature social ads include Twitter and LinkedIn. Direct the ads on targeted websites like, Avvo, and Nolo. Find out where your targeted audience visits and direct your ads there.

Employ SEO tactics.

Search engine optimization is a crucial element in the online marketing realm. It is important that you understand how it works so that you can implement the proper adjustments and make it easy for Google to understand what your site is about. Performing on-site SEO and obtaining quality backlinks will keep your law firm on Google’s first page.

Implement a social media strategy

A law firm should own an account on the major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is through such platforms that the firm may connect online with other professionals within the industry as well as potential clients.

Social media offers effective tools to share content from your law firm website with thousands of users. It is important to regularly update your page with articles from the website or interesting news as well as updates from the firm.

 Use your email.

Through a user’s email, you are able to communicate and share information directly. There are three steps involved in an effective email marketing campaign:


  • Place an email sign up form next to your blog posts


  • Collect the emails to build up an email list. This can be made easier through the use of email marketing services such as MailChimp.


  • Keep your firm on your clients’ minds regularly by sending them newsletters that contain valuable information. Include links to your blog posts and direct clients to the law firm’s website.

Monitor your reputation.

If you work for a law firm, use tools such as Google News so that you are notified whenever your firm is mentioned online. This way, you can send a word of thanks to whomever has praised your services, offer advice to someone who seeks legal information or defend yourself when criticized.

Conclusion: Numerous ways exist that your law firms can use to market its services online. It is important to engage in online marketing because it is relatively cheap, easy and effective.

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