Homemade face masks to cure acne

Acne does not affect everyone at some point in our lives. Only few acne sufferers seek medical treatment for this disease uncomfortable skin. Millions of people suffer and almost never go to an acne treatment. But let me be very clear that these treatments many of these may have certain side effects and could increase the amount of occurrence of acne rather than reduce it.

Right now people are looking for options to clear your skin and would like to share you a couple of method to cure acne using effective masks. These masks you can do at home and you have to make sure all the ingredients are natural so that they have no side effects and can heal your skin naturally.

These masks will help you get a fresh and radiant skin.

Here are some effective and proven methods

Facial Hugex

A solution (Como aclarar la piel) in Spanish, English and skin lightening cream is so essential to remove fine lines and acne blemishes for a very small fee.

Green Clay

One of the best ingredients is the green clay. Has a grayish color with a hint of green, this clay is extracted naturally and is one of the best natural ingredients for removing impurities in the skin, also for acne removal.

Green clay can find it quickly in health food stores or beauty supply stores.

Lemon juice.

Lemon juice is very effective in a homemade mask for acne. This is a natural astringent cleaning and exfoliation to achieve a healthy and radiant skin. If you use beside the green clay act more effectively.

Moreover orange juice is even better that is softer than the lemon.


Cucumber is very good for treating acne. Use either cut or crushed. Even help him get rid of dark circles. Simply mix a small portion of freshly squeezed orange juice with green clay powder to get the right consistency for a mask. You can also add crushed lavender for smoother skin.

Before applying the mask must wash your face with a soft, dry cleaner, then apply the homemade mask acne on the face and leave for 20 minutes to a half hour before rinsing thoroughly. Do this twice a week and see a big difference in the way your skin looks and looks radiant.

If you take action and apply these methods to teach today began to have results of more clean and smooth skin to be proud.

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