Home Water Filtering: Effectiveness and How It Works

Water can look clean and safe to drink in a glass but have many unseen contaminants that may be dangerous. These particles cannot be seen by the naked eye though. It is usual for humans to judge anything just by looking at it and that goes for water as well.

The taste ofwater can be altered by small unseen amounts of harmless minerals that are in it. In some parts of the world however, those minerals may not be as harmless as you would think. In fact, they could easily land you in the emergency room.

While some use water treatments to make the water safe to drink, the elements used can bring about issuesin the long run. The advent of the water filter is something to be grateful for. Filtering makes water safe to drink without altering its taste or adding dangerous chemicals like chlorine.

How does the filter work?

It gets hold of everything in the water that is unnecessary and dangerous and allows clean water to pass through.

It uses a material with microscopic holes that allow the water to seep in but are too tiny for the bacteria to follow the waterthrough. It is as simple as getting a gadget from a water filter company and having your water filtered wherever you are.

Water filter companies like Aquaox can give you an expert rundown of this process and how it helps.

Normal water treatment goes like this:

  • Water is passed through mesh screens or polymer ones and they remove the larger objects, like leaves and sticks.
  • It then goes through a number of filters that contain sand and algae to remove the smaller contaminants. These are actually dangerous disease-causing bacteria and protozoa.
  • Finally, the water goes through a disinfection process. The following are added to it: small doses of chlorine in powder or liquid form; passing the water through ultraviolet light or bubbling it through ozone gas. The latter process kills any leftover pathogens fast.
  • The water is then considered clean enough to get to your taps at home.

This, however, leaves the water with harmful chemicals that can cause other complications.

Water filters are the way to go.

Water filters ensure that the water is clean and free of harmful elements like chlorine. It also retains the original taste of water. They are also affordable and come in small packages like a pitcher that you can place in your fridge for cooling in the summer or a faucet that can work straight from the tap.

You can buy a few for camping trips or picnics and you have water wherever, whenever.

Also, consider the fact that you can put buying bottled water aside. Here is a great chance to take part in eco cleansing. Bottled water mostly comes in plastic bottles which are not eco-friendly. Water filtering is therefore effective and works well.

Getting ideas from experts such as Aquaox and other such companies can start you off on a healthier journey with clean, better tasting water that helps in keeping the environment safe as well as being buddy-buddy with your wallet.

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