Holistic Dentistry & Mercury Fillings

Mercury poisoning often occurs when receiving a tooth filling or a cavity. Dentists claim the advantages to using mercury in fillings are more durable fillings, resist corrosion, long lasting, economical, easily repaired, and easily installed by dentists. All of these advantages do make mercury seem like an ideal choice to use in a dental filling. However, the disadvantage is that mercury in any form is poisonous and can easily affect neurologic, gastrointestinal, and renal organ systems.


One may think that the mercury found in our dental fillings is sealed and cannot impact our bodies. However, this is incorrect and mercury can be released from fillings in very small amounts daily. For example, chewing and other day-to-day activities release mercury quite regularly. If you have a mercury filling be on the look out for symptoms such as: cognitive decline, autoimmune disease, asthma, skin conditions, and neurological diseases. Tests have shown that people with mercury fillings do show a rise in mercury levels in their blood and/or urine.

If mercury is such a toxic element, why do dentists still use it in fillings? The answer is that this topic is actually quite controversial and the American Dental Association has done numerous studies on mercury use and claim it is harmless. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration also claims mercury is a safe option for patients.

Despite the controversy, it is still common sense that we should not be putting toxic chemicals into our mouths. If you currently have a mercury filling in place, do not worry. There are many trained holistic dentists that can safely remove it. The removal process is difficult because it has to be done safely with no mercury released into the air. That means that dentists cannot drill on the fillings because to do so would release the chemical into the air. To safely remove a mercury filling dentists must use a vacuum suction to put over the tooth and keep the mercury from contaminating the room. More precautions used by dentists to ensure air quality is the use of oxygen masks, mercury ionizer, and a fresh air exchanger. Additionally, dentists must take care to keep the water clean from mercury and this is commonly done with an irrigation system.

The amount of precautions that need to be in place to ensure a safe air quality and no mercury contamination just goes to show how toxic this metal really is. Humans do not need to put something in their mouths when taking it out requires such extreme safety measures. We should just not put it in our mouths in the first place. That begs the question, are there replacement substances to use for a dental filling? The answer is yes; holistic dentists will install a replacement substance that is not metal, is tooth colored, and is safer. The most common substance used is a glass composite that has very small amounts of a non-toxic metal in order to ensure the replacement shows up on x-rays. There are a wide variety of available alternative filling substances and the patient can choose between which one is the best for them based on any allergies they have.

Mercury filling removal and replacement is a very common procedure that ensures no more toxic materials in our bodies. After all, if there is a toxic element in your mouth then it will likely spread though out the whole body. This is even more important if you are feeling some of the symptoms of mercury exposure mentioned above. So please, call a holistic dentist and get this toxic metal removed.

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