Hidden Cost of Rooftop Solar: Who Should Pay for Maintenance?

In the progressing banter about whether Feed-In Tariff’s (FIT) are legitimized for private solar PV one issue is by all accounts ignored totally. What’s more, this is, who is in charge of the upkeep and support of these family unit galaxies?


Since power has been provided to the home, there has been an essential decide and understanding that on the off chance that you had any issues with your power supply you would telephone your County Council or power retailer/merchant and they would manage any issues all through the system up to your meter box. Any issues from your meter confine to your house were your duty and you expected to get a circuit repairman out to settle it.

This still stands today, however what happens in the event that you have a housetop solar PV framework?

The housetop solar PV framework is bought by the mortgage holder, and introduced on the buyer’s property and turns out to be a piece of the proprietor’s property.

As practically everybody knows, under net metering the mortgage holder gets the underlying advantage of the power created, and the overabundance is bolstered into the National Electricity Network (NEM) to the advantage of the power wholesaler to give to different clients. Under gross metering the whole measure of power created is given to the NEM.

Along these lines, is there a contention that your secretly obtained, and introduced, solar PV framework is, truth be told, some portion of the national foundation to create and appropriate power to the market? Provided that this is true, is it the mortgage holder’s obligation to keep up the framework or is the duty of your nearby appropriation organize administrator?

As a property holder you are committed to keep up your premises and do any essential work, or upkeep, to guarantee it stays in a protected and livable nature to maintain your building protection arrangement. This implies you should guarantee that any apparatuses to your home are in great working request and that any issues are distinguished early and managed where conceivable.

In this manner a housetop solar PV framework falls inside the term ‘apparatus’ on your structures protection arrangement and in this manner you are in charge of it’s upkeep.

The normal cost of a yearly review for a family unit housetop solar PV framework is around $150.00. The normal cost of having your boards cleaned by a trustworthy sun powered establishment organization ranges from $10.00 – $20.00 per board.

In the event that a mortgage holder has a normal size, say 2KW, solar PV framework on their rooftop with say 10 boards then they would be up for a yearly expense of $330.00 on the off chance that they are charged $18.00 per board.

On the off chance that a mortgage holder has a 3KW framework, with say 15 boards, at that point at $18.00 per board they are up for $420.00.

On the off chance that a mortgage holder has a 8KW framework, with say 36 boards, at that point they are up for a yearly charge of $798.00.

Presently this is the place it gets fascinating. We should accept that the 2KW framework has a yearly yield of roughly 2,000 KWh, the 3KW framework has a yield of 3,500KWh and the 8KW framework has a yield of 9,000KWh. We can ascertain a cost for each KWh for the yearly upkeep of every framework.

For the 2KW the figuring is $330/2,000 = $0.17 per KWh.

For the 3KW the computation is $420/3,500 = $0.12 per KWh.

What’s more, for the 8KW the computation is $798/9,000 = $0.09 per KWh.

So for the normal property holder who has introduced a solar PV framework, contingent upon the size framework they have introduced, should get a FIT of between 9c for each KWh to 17c for every KWh just to take care of the expense of keeping up their framework.

The power area says they can’t bolster a FIT more prominent then the 6c – 8c they at present offer in NSW as the discount power cost is just around 6c for every KWh and they likewise have the extra expenses of keeping up the system, consequently they can’t pay a higher FIT without raising power use charges.

Does this at that point imply that the power organizations are in charge of keeping up family heavenly bodies given they are in fact producing foundation which supplies overabundance vitality to the framework which the power organizations ‘on-offer’? They obviously contend NO.

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