Helping the Host and the Guest Through Airbnb Management Service

The Airbnb Management Service is used by many short term rental properties around the world. The tools provided make your business successful by letting you focus on properties where Airbnb manages your guest communication effectively. Property owners can easily reduce their workload. So brace yourself to get acquainted with all the facts that makes this management service one of the best choices for your furnished property.

Airbnb Management Service

Services for cleaning:

At Furnished Properties Pty Ltd airbnb management service, your time is saved as they make the guest experience seamless by communicating effectively with your staff. Elaborating on it, the booking team co-ordinates well by scheduling to deal with everyone who is associated with your rental business. The services provided are flexible. So let’s look in detail how your guest will have a smooth experience.

Coordinate key exchange and check-in:

From updating 3rd party service to meeting the guest and all the way down to providing keys or generating the code for the electronic lock, the management service team coordinate the key drops well with the person.

Deliver check-in instructions:

There will be detailed instructions so that guests know how to access your furnished property listed every time they visit. As a result, there will be different instructions for different guests with specific information.

From managing existing cleaners to finding new ones and above all alerting the cleaner about alterations, will surely make sure that your guest will have a tidy apartment. Regardless of emergency and location, there will be 24/7 team to resolve matters in a timely manner.


For maintaining hospitality and accuracy, smart automated messaging features are developed which is known as the hook. It will not only save you time but also effort. Firstly, you can define events. You can decide by choosing what event will trigger the automated message. Here you can send guests’ messages that are triggered on basis of check in time. Secondly, you can schedule your message. In this case you can send a message relative to time and event.

On the other hand have you ever thought how you will stay in the loop if a booking of more than $2000 is cancelled? Using the smart filters, you can stay hooked to all important things related to your furnished property. Firstly, you can add variables that will eliminate the need of any complex spreadsheet usage. You can use placeholder that will automatically fill in details from every booking so that you are acquainted with all the relevant information. Likewise, you can send each one of your hooks as email, SMS ethics to your guests, cleaner, employees, etc. Furthermore, with usage of filters you can send check-in instructions to the guest you wanted. It will also help you to send messages to specific bookings.

Guest arrival:

From handling all guest management tasks to maintaining full coverage from your Airbnb account, the management service team will manage your guest personally right from their first interaction to booking approval. The dedicated team is always there 24/7. In this way you can make your own screening preference. The team will know which enquiries can be accepted or rejected. This is all made possible with a dedicated team which gives a super-fast response within minutes. Likewise, the team will follow your screening process and then approve it.

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