Heavy duty pocket knives that you will love to say “yes” to

Zero Tolerance is a division of Kershaw Knives, a Company that is well known as a manufacturer of tactical knives, especially the ones that are primarily designed for professional use. ZT knives have a reputation of being profoundly overbuilt. Their premium feel and look does seem to go overboard, but the fans aren’t complaining. In fact, their knives have a loyal following among knife enthusiasts who swear by their durability and functional aesthetics.

Military grade

ZT produces military grade knives; their no nonsense design and rugged quality of this product range has made them quite popular among law enforcement and military forces. In real world situations, when you need a knife that is as tough as it looks, then ZT should be your go to knife. Just as the name suggests, the manufacturers have left no stone unturned in designing each of their knives. Zero Tolerance uses the best steel available and state of the art manufacturing methods to bring to life world class pocket knives that make it to the collection of amateurs and professionals alike.

Aesthetically viable

Zero Tolerance knives are not for people who are looking for a simple looking, general purpose pocket knife. They are designed to take a beating on a regular basis and are aesthetically engineered to look the part as well. One of the many defining features of Zero Tolerance knives is their blackened/ non reflective blade and the weathered look. This look is maintained throughout the knife’s design, and gives it a perception of being worn due to years of use.

The handle and the opening mechanism (in case of a switch blade) are top of the line and modern in design. The ergonomically designed knife handles offer optimal comfort and grip, thus making it safe for use. Like their counterparts, ZT also sports separate designs for left hand and right hand users by positioning the opening buttons on the handle appropriately.

Varied uses

Despite its professional grade look and design, the knives can be used by hobbyist survivalists, professional wilderness and tactical experts. From chopping small logs to skinning your hunt, these versatile knives are capable of performing a variety of tasks. If you are an avid camper, then your choice in a single ZT knife can take care of all your cutting and chopping needs. You no longer need to carry a slew of cutting tools when you have your trusty Zero Tolerance by your side.

Choosing from KnivesShipFree Zero Tolerance knives is definitely one of the best choices you will make when investing in a tactical knife. Finding the right knife that suits your needs was never this easy.

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