Hair transplant is a process in which new hair follicles are transplanted to the bald area of the head to restore the hair on that area permanently. The follicles which are used to restore the hair are usually taken from the back or side of the head and it is also ensured that the follicles are healthy. There are number of grafting methods which are used to carry out the transplantation. There has a vast industry of hair transplant turkey. Turkey Istanbul alone has almost 3500 clinics carrying out hair transplant. Due to the success of hair transplantation and use of modern modes of grafting, 5000 people visit Istanbul each month to get healthy and permanent hair on their heads.


The clinics working for hair transplantation are of high quality and they have modern tools to conduct the surgery. Each surgery of hair transplant is carried out by expert surgeon and his team of assistants on which he relies. There are many clinics for hair transplant which not only provide with the reliable treatment but also help the patients with hotel reservations, vacation services, tour service, local guides about the hotel and clinic to the people coming from other countries, transfers between airport and many other facilities.

Transplant Istanbul clinics are not only specialised in hair transplantation but also in many other surgeries such as plastic surgery, breast implantation, liposuction etc. Istanbul is well known for hair procedures across the world and people across the world come to Istanbul for hair surgery. The clinics are aimed at providing best services to the visitors. There are different languages being spoken in the clinic such as Arabic, English etc. to facilitate the international visitors.

Turkey has become the leading country in the industry of hair transplantation within few years. The wide spreading industry of Turkey has spent 1 Billion dollars on this industry. It has been reported that each month, approximately 5000 people visit Turkey because they know they can get reliable and durable hair loss treatment in Turkey.

Hair loss has become major concern in last few years. According to international survey, every 9 out of 10 men is suffering from the problem of hair loss. It makes them losing their confidence and becoming nervous about their look. This also produces depression in men and they fall into the inferiority complex.

Follicles units extraction or FUE is being used in Turkey from many years. Turkey doctors were more caring and concerned about the hair loss problems and they explored multiple ways and training than any other country in the world. The experimentation and techniques exploration has given them a huge extent of experience which has made them develop a diversified industry in hair loss treatment.  Long term professional nurses, experienced and educated doctors, high quality clinical services are all provided to the patient.

The hair transplant cost for hair loss treatment in Turkey is not too high. It allows people from every walk of life to get this treatment.

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