A Guide to Understanding Vietnamese Culture through their Dishes

Vietnam is a country in the Southeast Asian region and is one of the remaining countries in the world that adheres to communism. Other than this information though, most people might not have any idea about Vietnam or can’t even point to it on the map.


The truth is that Vietnam has a lot to offer. It has one of the richest natural resources in the world. It is also one of the places with amazing culture and friendly people. Most of all, it has world class cuisine that is easily appreciated anywhere in the world.

The moment you understand Vietnamese dishes, you also understand the culture of Vietnam. To begin with, Vietnamese dishes are suitable for any palate. They blend well. They can be easily appreciated by anyone whatever his or her preferred type of dish is. This speaks volume about Vietnam as well. It is a country where people can easily blend well and adjust with anyone. They are very hospitable. There are Vietnamese people all over the world and they are able to integrate well with the society where they belong.

Another quality of Vietnamese dishes is that they are really healthy. The ingredients are usually vegetables. They are also careful about using artificial herbs and spices. They would rather have organic ingredients in their food. This also speaks a lot about Vietnamese people being totally concerned about their health more than anything else. The country has extensive health care coverage. They are also rank low among the most obese countries in the world.

Thinking of visiting Vietnam now for their dishes?
Well, you don’t have to go there just to enjoy their food. You can just check out a Vietnamese restaurant London offers and it will make you feel like you have already been to Vietnam. There are a lot of restaurants in the city that offer authentic dishes. Some of them even have Vietnamese chefs who supervise everything that comes out of the kitchen. They even import the ingredients all the way from Vietnam, especially the herbs and spices. It will make you feel like you have tasted these dishes right in the heart of Hanoi.
Spring rolls, noodles and fried rice with meat are among the most popular dishes from Vietnam that you can also order in London. They have a lot more to offer. You just have to browse the menu and check the perfect dish that matches your taste. You may also go around London to check out all the Vietnamese restaurants that might make you feel satisfied. You may even order online and have the food delivered straight to you.

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