A Guide to Buying Wicker Furniture

When you buy wicker furniture, you expect it to last a lifetime. Fortunately, well made wicker furniture will do just that. But how do you know whether you’re purchasing top-quality items? There are a few things you can look out for to know you’re getting the best available product.


The manufacturer should be able to supply you with a straightforward list of the materials used in constructing the wicker furniture. You’ll want to make sure the frame is made from a durable material such as aluminium, which won’t rust or lose strength over time. It’s also lightweight, so it won’t make the furniture any more difficult to move. Sometimes stainless steel is used to save manufacturing costs, but this will rust over time. If you’re intending on keeping your wicker furniture for many years to come, ask about an aluminium frame.

The material of the rattan itself that is used in the weaving is very important. Synthetic materials are far more durable than natural, as they’re less susceptible to weather damage or splitting. Polyethylene wicker is a premium material that is sturdy and comes in a wide range of colours, as well as flat, round or half round types. Flat is the most common and the lightest type of wicker. Round uses more material and must be woven tighter, but it will last much longer than flat and is sturdier. A cost-effective compromise is to purchase half round polyethylene wicker.

Always find out if your wicker furniture is protected against UV. Poorly made furniture that lacks UV resistance will fall apart very quickly in sunlight.


The weave of wicker furniture is the part that will be exposed to the elements the most and is visible. The tighter wicker is woven, the stronger it is and the longer it will last. Over time, looser weaves will slacken, making a seat less comfortable over time and less attractive. Check the strength of the weave before making a purchase and look to corners and edges for signs of low-quality weaving.

The lattice under the seat is another important aspect in seating that can affect the comfort and longevity of wicker furniture. Look for a properly weaved lattice that is made from the same material as the material of the rest of the chair.


It’s easy to pick cushions for your wicker furniture based purely on colour choice, but there’s much more to it than that. Think about weather-proof fabrics that can stand up to rain, sun and other weather conditions. You also need to consider comfort. Soft cushions are appealing at first, but for the cushions you actually sit on regularly, look for something a bit firmer. Consider cushions with foam that is long-lasting and resistant to mould, although this shouldn’t be a problem if you find water and stain resistant fabrics.

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing wicker furniture. If you decide to look into online retailers, it’s worth taking the time to contact the retailer and ask about the above points so you know your money will be well spent.

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