Gospel for Asia – The Ray of Hope for The Deprived People

Asia is a populated continent. Here you will find people of various kind. They come from various backgrounds. However, the tragic fact of life in Asia is that most who live here are deprived of things that are required for better living. In fact, most of them are deprived of the things that are essential for survival. This includes food, education and most importantly hope for tomorrow. When you have nothing and no way of making a decent future, life becomes difficult. This is the time you will need someone who has the compassionate heart. You will need someone who cares. It is not easy to find people like these in modern world. It is not easy to find people who care. For this reason, those who actually care and have been offering aid to the deprived should be respected.


Gospel For Asia is a Christian organization which has been working to make lives of these people better. They have focused on villages of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Their only objective is to offer people of the villages a life of hope and love. These people not only don’t have much to live with. They struggle to put together decent meals every day. By providing them food and aid, the organization is serving the deprived souls.

Gospel For Asia’s help is not limited to offering shelter and food only. They make it a point to educate people. They offer the education which is so required to make life a better journey. They help people who have list everything in natural calamities or manmade catastrophes understand the message of God. They help these people realize that despite the hardship, God still loves them.

What most don’t understand is calamities like floods or earthquakes don’t only make people homeless or take away the necessary amenities. Such incidents take a very important element from the human beings. The calamities strip people off their hope. It becomes a life which does not have anything to look forward to. In situations like these organizations like Gospel For Asia come to help people. The missionaries help people come to term with the losses. They also help people look forward to the new tomorrow. This is an important task which many fail to perform.

Additionally, they influence people in reaching to the life and hope. Gospel For Asia is a large organization with branches in a number of countries.  They have made it their mission to reach out everyone who are suffering. They not only share the agony of the deprived souls, they also share their language and lives.

This organization does not send western missionaries to Asian countries. They understand the problems a western missionary might face. They understand that the western missionaries will face one significant problem, language barrier. Overcoming this is not easy. Therefore, they only groom missionaries from local areas. People who know the language and the lives of the deprived human beings will be able to offer proper aid and help.

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