Gootium 21218 Canvas Genuine Leather Cross Body Messenger Handbag Shoulder Bag

In this modern era, it’s no more about just your clothing and hairstyles among the components of your personality. But, it’s also about bag you carry as a stylish can give positive points to your personality where as a dull looking bag can let people ignore you totally.

So, what do you need in a good stylish bag? First thing it’s style should be good enough to carry over the bag to any place we like. It should not look odd if a child is carrying it in the school or an adult carrying it to the shopping center though most bags will fail match this criteria but our solution will meet this criteria easily.


Secondly, the bag should have enough space to carry all our necessary things. Space is one of the major problems in stylish bag as they aren’t made keeping in mind huge spaces but over solution for you will meet this criteria. So, what is this solution? Let’s look at our solution for your problem to a modern bag and you decide for yourself whether it’s a good option?


Our solution is the Gootium Canvas Messenger Bag (21218), the bag has been made with keeping style and space both in mind. The bag’s style allows it to be carried to anywhere you want it has no specific purpose whether you want to go out for a picnic or if you are student want to carry over to the high school the bag will never look odd rather it add positive points to your personality.

The leather used for the bag is of very high quality, so user will have the headache of the bag getting worn out very quickly. The leather used will last for years and will never feel of buying another bag.

In terms of space, the bag has a large zippered chamber with a number of exterior pouches to allow additional space. It doesn’t matter if you carry over books with you or want to carry over clothing for overnight stay somewhere the bag has enough space to handle everything.

External pouches can allow extra space for your small accessories like make up items or some snacks. The bag has been made keeping in mind needs of a normal user so that they don’t find it difficult in term of keeping all the things at one place.

With modern bags, it’s more often than not a problem to find space enough to have all the accessories at one place. But, this Gootium Canvas Messenger Bag has enough space for carrying all the things.

Straps of the bag are very comfortable they will never ever let you feel heavy on the shoulders. So, what is the price of this bag? Well, at this moment price of this bag is only $39 (actual price is $95). Isn’t this a deal you should go for? Well, choice is yours we have given you every detail about the bag now ball is your court!



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