Google announces a new tablet- The Pixel C

Google at last has added a brand new tablet to its Chromebook Pixel line segment of devices. Considerably the Pixel C runs upon the latest version of the Android, the Marshmallow 6.0, and the incredibly designed features such as magnetic slim keyboard case is considered to be an eye candy within the target audience, which is probably to be sold separately. The device has probably been priced at $500 for the 32 GB and $600 for the 64GB version, although the keyboard which is being sold separately will probably go for $149.

In Accordance to Google, late December around the holidays is the time period when the gadget will be available in the stores. UK and Australian prices are yet to be announced but the Starting price in US can be converted for£330 or AU$715. And same goes with the keyboard, which might cost approx.£100 or AU$215.Pixel C

As per the trusted tweets, the Google latest device, Pixel C carries some similarities to the Surface Pro 3 and like newly launched Microsoft tablet. It has probably geared towards efficiency with the tailor-made keyboard.Altogether these separately designed gadgetsexhibit a handsome design; both the tablet and the keyboard are portable and slim, with the latter amplifying as a case as well.

The keyboard can be easily connected via Bluetooth, but it is not your additional accessory. Whenever the tablet is closedacross the case, it certainly charges the keyboard, but it is purposefully missing some keys; because Google actually shifted some of the less used-key from this physical keyboard and has probably relocated them onto the screen display.

The magnets are quite strong and might let user feel snappy, you can also hold or use the tablet upside down with confidence as one of the Google’s representative did same on the stage during launch. While the keys don’t actually sit completely flushed with the surface available of the keyboard, the keys on the board are still considered to be the compact size with flat, which might take time to get use to with the overall keyboard.

Inside the tablet the user will get some premium specialties. The device houses aNvidia X1 quad-core processor, Maxwell GPU and 3GB Ram. The screen boasts a 2560×1800- pixel resolution display with best 308 pixels per inch and itsupposedly displays a wide range of colors and also features a super-bright backlight. During our brief time with the Gadget, the display was sensitive to the touch, comfortable and sharp view.

Same as the Pixel Laptops available in the market, the Pixel C is completely built by Google. Previously the Table models in the Nexus segment were manufactures in partnership with the help of different hardware manufacturers. The Pixel C is the first Google Table, which is offering a USB type-C port, it is the same charging port which is available on the new nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones and the company’s most recent chromebook pixel too.

The Google Pixel C considerably targeted to an individual who is interested in a tablet to get some work done or got some stiff competition. If we compare Surface Pro 3 manufactured and launched by Microsoft with Pixel C, Surface pro 3 is far better device; it is one of the best geared tablets used for productivity available in the market.

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