What Goes Where. What Kind of Bin to Use and When to Use Them

If one is curious about the various bins and their uses, the city of Perth has put out some helpful hints. For more complex questions about the waste issue, it might be worthwhile to contact a reputable waste management company, of which there are many in the Perth area. They can inform you as to what size and type of bins that are appropriate for your needs.


Residential Collection

All residential properties have included in their rates a standard residential waste fee that includes one collection of a 240L landfill/general waste bin and one collection of a 240L co-mingled recycling bin. The green-topped bin is general waste that goes to a landfill and the yellow lidded container is for anything that is acceptable for recycling

What Can I Recycle in my Yellow Lid Bin?

Items that are acceptable for recycling include the following:

  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Cardboard and cartons
  • Papers and magazines
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Empty plastic bags

Things that may not be put in the yellow lid bin include:

  • Green waste
  • Food scraps
  • Styrofoam products

These must be placed in the green bin with all other non-recyclable rubbish.

How to Excel at Recycling

  • Use two bins in your kitchen, one for recycling and one for landfill waste.
  • Recycle all glass (including broken glass), cardboard, paper, metal and plastic. All other materials cannot be recycled in your yellow bin.
  • Ensure all lids are removed from containers and bottles
  • Ensure all recycling is loose in your recycling bin and not in bags.

When Are Bins Collected?

To make it easy to remember your bin service day, the city of Perth has attached a sticker to the back of your bin. The sticker includes your address, service day, and the collection time. If your bin is serviced during the day, then your bin must be present at its service location by 6am. If your bin is serviced at night then your bin must be present at its service location by 9pm.

Hire Bins

To make home rubbish sorting easier, it is possible to hire small, residential size bins from local firms. If you are looking to hire, one place you can go to for rubbish bin hire in Perth is West Bin, who can be found at http://www.westbin.com.au/. Here, all the information needed when hiring bins can be found. Their bins come in sizes that range from small residential bins of 2 cubic meters all the way up to huge commercial bins that range up to 30 cubic meters in capacity.

With concern for the environment being at the forefront these days, efficient waste management and recycling have taken on added importance. Hopefully, the foregoing information will make your waste management chores easier to understand and perform.

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