What Does The Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Have in for You?


go pro hero 4 silver

What Does The Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Have in for You?

The go pro hero 4 silver is an attractive camera that has lots of new features for interested buyers to take benefit of. The go pro hero 4 is the latest device rolled out by go pro and the silver version has many specifications which other devices do not share.

One is that the go pro hero 4 silver features a touchscreen which can be extremely useful when it comes to handling the camera and controlling it in a way that sounds good. The touch of a finger and a few taps is all that is needed to take charge of the camera and get to watch photos or videos recorded earlier over it.

In addition to that, the resolution of the go pro hero 4 silver is much better relative to other versions which, frankly had to be the case, considering that this cam is poised as the most better version of the cameras launched so far. The go pro hero 4 silver records 1080p quality videos at 60 frames per second, while it records 720p quality videos at 120 frames per second.

Beyond all these features GoPro going to introduce the latest one gopro hero 5 with the most comprehensive properties.

To add to that is the capability of the go pro hero 4 silver being able to catch stills at 12 MP with 30 frames per second speed.

The Hilight Tag is a new feature that has been introduced into the go pro hero 4 silver which is basically a tagging convenience. This lets you to highlight the more important and the most interesting moments captured during any photo shoot.

Also, there are three field settings that you can use over the go pro hero 4 silver namely Ultra-wide, Medium and Narrow field of view [FOV]. So this is another new feature of the hero 4 that you can select the field of view setting which you are in the mood of shooting with at any time.

The hero 4 is waterproof to a depth of 40 meters and will therefore function perfectly until that depth. Users’ can therefore take all the pictures and videos they want to as deep as 40m.

The camera can also very easily be worn or mounted without much hassle, be advised, so worries there either.

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Also, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, come built-in with the go pro hero 4 silver and make it very easy to transfer data at to and fro the go pro hero 4 silver device.


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