Go Local With Delicious Balinese Dishes When You Are Out On Your Bali Golf Holiday

While food is not the most expensive item that makes up your Bali family travel budget, if you plan ahead for your trip in other areas (plane fares, hotel bookings, car rentals if applicable) there is no reason why you can’t squeeze savings out of your dining budget while not compromising the elegance of your Bali Golf Holiday.


Street Food In Bali

Most people think that out in Bali, all they get to eat is RICE three times a day (staple for Balinese local people). However, this is harsh for a place like Bali, which is the quintessential getaway with its spectacular foothills, dramatic views, and immaculate coastal panoramas. Bali’s Warung (means tiny shop) and Rumah Makan (means eating home) are known for serving authentic Indonesian food prepared with unique (almost secret) recipe. Rich or poor, people prefer eating at these small joints because of their unique taste and simple setting. Don’t be surprised if you see a luxury car owner sitting there waiting for his $1 dish. Even the big restaurants name their place as “Warung”, just to attract travelers who love to explore the traditional food of the place. Warung and Rumah Makan are both good at taste and easy on pocket.

Eating at Indonesia Restaurants

For formal dining experience and for people who hesitate to indulge in street food, Indonesian restaurant may be a good choice.

  1. Seminyak (home to Merah Putih) offers a menu full of traditional dishes along with many other innovative additions. The restaurant has an appealing atmosphere with palm trees, water features and handsomely carved walls.
  2. Next to explore is the Sarong Bali that offer its visitors with the taste of street food with their traditional recipes. The interiors are trendy with gold drapes and mirrors.
  3. Third in the row is Chandi, highly rated, this place make use of organic produce, fruits and spices for their dishes.

Eating at the Hotel or Resort Restaurant

The most convenient food option is to eat at the Hotel or Resort Restaurant. You can also try food at other hotels like –

  1. Ko Japanese restaurant – An intercontinental Resort eatery can be found along Jimbaran Bay. The place offers a great blend of food cultures of Bali and Japan. A rich blend of Balinese style with Japanese undertones, staff and décor in traditional attire attract the curious diners from far flung places.
  2. Kayuputi restaurant – The name translates to ‘white wood’. Nusa Dua’s St. Regis Resort is home to the Kayuputi restaurant, the place includes a white pavilion that looks over the sea. Along with the Australian Gourmet traveller many other named Kayuputi one of the best restaurants in Bali.

Don’t expect fancy road signs or website, if you want to enjoy sumptuous food just drop by the line-ups of people waiting for their favourite meal. Sometimes they close all of a sudden because the food has sold out! Be adventurous with food only if you are blessed with a strong stomach, else be safe with eating at the hotel or resort restaurant. For more information on Bali Golf Courses and food visit https://golfscape.com/indonesia/bali-golf-courses

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