How to Get More YouTube Views

There is nothing worse than making a great video, uploading it to YouTube and after 2 weeks seeing your viewing figures in single digits. The fact is that because it is so easy to upload videos to YouTube, everyone is doing it and there is an insane amount of competition for views. Te good news is that there are many ways in which you can increase how many YouTube viewers you receive and how to improve the quality of the videos that you upload.

There are lots of people on YouTube who amass millions of views, take TB Joshua for example, the sermons that he gives at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) through their YouTube channel Emmanuel TV have clocked up over 170 million views. This incredible amount of views has not just been witnessed by people like the pastor but many others too, there are people watching YouTube, you just need to go get them.


Promote Yourself

People may be able to find your videos through search engines like Google or indeed YouTube’s own search engine but with the sheer volume of videos that are out there, this will be tough. The best way to attract people to your videos is to use social media, share your videos as much as possible both internally and externally to create a real buzz around who you are and what you do. Video shared internally on social media are far more likely to get good engagement and if you want people to start viewing your YouTube channel then social media is where to start.

Make Friends

Having friends in high places when it comes to your YouTube videos will serve you very well and a share from someone with a large following can attract you hundreds or thousands of views. Remember that the internet is a huge community of people and as with any community, people rely on others helping them out from time to time. When creating friends online remember that it is a two way street and that you need to help others as much as they are helping you, regular interaction, sharing and commenting will gain you eat friends in the industry and this is one of your keys to success and attracting more viewers.

Be Consistent

Remember that when you are creating your YouTube videos that you are essential creating your own brand, to build that brand image you need to be consistent in your approach. Ensure that your videos follow the same style and pattern as each other, this will make you more notable to viewers who are presented with thousands of videos each day. You also need to be consistent in how many videos you are posting, just putting a video on now an again is not how you will gain any kind of loyal following. If you want people to watch you and you want them to keep coming back then you need to provide them with enough reasons for doing so, namely, consistent, quality videos.

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