Get your Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam is among the countries that are on the road of development. There are a lot of job opportunities available to you in Vietnam if you are skilled and educated. People that hold a good degree and are looking forward to some work, they are likely to get a lot of opportunities in Vietnam. It is a place where committed and hard working people are in demand. A lot of people are looking for the Vietnam visa. Due to certain complications, they are unable to find a good way by which they can get the visa. Here we are to help you as you have the opportunity of submitting the online application for Vietnam visa. You can go to and submit your application to get your Vietnam visa on arrival. The following are certain steps that you need to go through if you opt for this process.

Vietnam visa application

Steps to go through

  • Filling the application form: The first step is to fill the online application form. You need to put in your information accurately to make things easy for you. If the information is incorrect, the visa will not match with your documents, and it will be the waste of time and money.
  • Paying for the online service: The next step will require you to pay for the online visa service. Ensure that you are paying it to the right person. There are a lot of scammers sitting online that will fake everything just to get the money from you. So be certain that you are paying to someone that is trustworthy and will help you in getting the right visa on your arrival at the airport.
  • Wait for approval letter email: Within the next 48 working hours, you will get an email from the authorities that will inform you of the approval of the visa. You need to get a print of that approval letter.
  • Gathering documents and stuff: Get that printed approval letter along with the other documents. Ensure that you are having your two photos (4cm * 6cm). You need to bring the approval letter and photos along with the money that you need to pay as a fee for government stamping on your trip.
  • Visa on arrival: When you will land at your destination airport in Vietnam, you need to go to the immigration office. Show them the approval letter and your photos. They will identify the information and will provide you your Vietnam visa.

The above are some steps that you need to follow while you opt to get the Vietnam visa on arrival. To get the information about the applications and submit your application forms, you can take the help from There are a lot of people that are following this procedure appropriately, and daily people are landing at various airports on Vietnam and are getting the visas on their arrival. There is no risk in this procedure, and it is all legal.

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