How to get Visa of Myanmar

Now the Myanmarvisa has strictly obtained their law and privacy for visitors to get their visa right on time arrival. You can do this by hand to give to only ordering or pre-ordering it by an online community. Instead of applying the whole visa thing and procedure you can consulate direct with the embassy of Myanmar. All you need is to fill the form paper online and send your order directly to them. The arrival will come to you with some documents within 3 to 6 days. The community, headquarters or any of their branches will send you the inquiry of your visa forms and their necessary documents attached with them as well. The permitted time of visa arrival will surely base on Mandalay or Yangon international airports.


Make sure that when you receive an email from them, make it as a print paper, print it out and bring that printed documents and forms directly to the office or embassy of Myanmar in your area. Arrival will come as soon as possible and when it comes it will show the approval letter as VISA ON ARRIVAL on the noticing main page of it. Some things you might consider and they all are as under:

  • You have to be well prepared and well convenient about of your whole documents, passports as well as of your forms too. They all will use for checking at the airport. So it’s so important for you as well as for our system too.
  • Passport should be valid. The correct date should be more than about six months after the arriving of yours in the land of Myanmar.
  • Must have two photos with you of size 3×4 cm or 4 x 6 cm. And the background of these pictures should be blue or white.
  • Letter of full visa approval.
  • For stamping fee and so you need at least US 30$ in cash, there is so such case of credit or debit card.

Applying Terms:Myanmar visa online lets you get things done while you are at home ease. You just need four words which are as under:

  • The proper photo of the applicant only.
  • Passport with a whole lot of information such as showing passport number, expiry date, the issue with it, date of birth and much more.
  • Air tickets to Myanmar or air ticket booking as well. Both are acceptable.
  • The passport point data information that contains such 16 point personal applicant data.

AK you a week to get your all procedure is done. But in the worst case scenario, it can also get you up to 3 weeks which is surely so frustrated. You need approval, visa arrival time and location, application data, information, passport data and so much more.

How to apply: Applying any of these terms and condition or rules and regulation are so much easy to do so. But in worst case accident may happen. Like you have issued the wrong date, wrong name and wrong address, etc. To fulfill it secretly follow this steps:

  • Fill up the whole form you have just been given.
  • Confirm and accept it. At the end pay the processing fee of it as well.
  • Your approval will get to you in about 4 to 6 days.
  • Stamped the data at any checkpoints arrival and you are ready to go.

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