Get the option to send parcel to Spain at cheap price

Many Internet merchants still rely on only one parcel service to ship their goods, although there are many more options today. The traditional approach can often lead to logistical problems that cost the entrepreneur money, time and nerves.

Problems that arise when shipping with just one service provider

Shipping with a single international courier service provider is not always a problem, but dependency on one company can lead to multiple difficulties. The main problem is the lack of flexibility, which is one of the requirements of the 21st century. Consequently, as an entrepreneur, you can observe the following effects:

Costs If you negotiate a contract with a parcel service as an online retailer, then you will only be offered attractive prices for certain shipments. This first hurdle is to have a minimum amount of shipments. The fact that you are bound to these tariffs, you pay often above-average prices for shipments. This applies to those parcels that go abroad, for example, or include express consignments or COD shipments.

  • Customer dissatisfaction some parcel deliverers find that they are particularly problematic in some geographic areas, or over time. The goods shipped are therefore not as requested to the customer. Not only does this cause customer dissatisfaction, it also causes a headache for the entrepreneur. The latter have to spend a lot of time to clarify problem cases and have no capacity to find a suitable alternative solution (such as a new logistician).

Delays another issue that can lead to customer dissatisfaction is delays in delivery. Especially with regard to the Christmas season, this point is particularly relevant. Here, many shipping service providers are overwhelmed with the enormous number of packages and this leads to longer delivery times. Again, as an entrepreneur, it is unrealistic to change the logistics provider in good time and to enable timely delivery.

One solution, many advantages:

Many companies offer a flexible solution that can benefit from several advantages. It also helps prevent the above problems:

Attractive prices the best company compares hundreds of shipping rates to trusted logistics partners and finds the best price. As a result, online merchants do not have to spend time researching the cheapest shipping rates and can save a ton of extra money. You would not have any kind of people to get the contacts of best companies for delivering cheap parcel to Spain.

Smooth delivery Should there be bottlenecks with certain logistics providers, which lead to delays or problem cases, then of course the seller has the option to use a logistician of his choice. In this way, a smooth delivery is possible, the customer and shipper satisfy. As a dealer you can also hire a parcel service of your choice as a preferred carrier, which gives you more confidence.

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