How to get Sri Lanka visa online

We have to know about visa, that what is it? For what purpose visa has been used? What are its disadvantages if someone holds no visa at the time when required? So, a visa is an approval on the passport which indicating that a man or women with the passport are allowed to enter, stay and leave but for the specific time period in any country. In short, after passport, the visa is key to going into the other country (from your own country) with no anxiety, but the time period is specific. There are many kinds of visa like visa holiday (when someone want to go into the other country for enjoyment), student visa (it is for student community, who desire to go to the foreign countries for higher education, or in their most favorite institutions), business visa (for entrepreneurs, who go to the foreign countries for their business), settlement visa (this one is for accommodation in another country, and for those people who want to acquire accommodation in foreign country), and besides these many other kinds of visa occur.


Each visa holds different timings as regarding with their worth. The 15 days are minimum timing and max. Timing is given according to the type of visa. Each country including srilanka has their own rules and regulations. So, the visa is given to the person is an according to the rules and regulations of the country where the passport holder wants to go. If passport holder breaks the law in the foreign country then that person would be penalized. If the person (passport holder) stays in the foreign country after the expiry date mentioned on visa (after the end of the date at which, visa become expire) then he or she would be greatly penalized (maybe foreign police send him or her to jail with or penalty may include on heavy fine).

The government of Sri Lanka introduced the new electronic travel authorization visa named ETA visa. This is for the short visit to Sri Lanka. This type of visa introduced by the government of Sri Lanka on 1st January 2012. The person must have valid Sri Lanka visa that issued by the immigration department of situated at Colombo Sri Lanka if he or she wants to visit Sri Lanka. Passport holder can take visa from immigration department that presents in his or her country.

In this modern world, one can take Sri Lanka visa online by using internet services. There are many companies working online in order to give visa and many other facilities to the client’s customers. is the best website from where you can easily take visa for Sri Lanka and also take information about traveling services about the rules regulations of other countries. There are simple steps which you ask to fill or pass for the sake of the Sri Lankan visa. And then after giving certain information you are ready to get the visa for Sri Lanka online, if you are applicable, means if your record is clear from many inappropriate activities or from criminal activities.

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