With property prices skyrocketing, it is difficult to rent or buy a house with huge living space. Unless you’re a big fan of the Mahatma and belief in living a simple life, chances are that you will want to include a wide range of furniture in your house, apart from a simple mattress and table. But, what do you do when the space is less and furniture is more? Listed below are a few tips you can use to make your current house the home of your dreams:

  • Invest in a collapsible bookshelf that can be pulled open to make space for more books or made compact when not in use.
  • When it comes to saving space, sofa-cum-beds are probably the best inventions yet. If you don’t have the space to accommodate both, a bed and a sofa, simply invest in one comfy sofa which can be transformed into a bed during sleep times. Check out Pepperfry offers for good deals on such furniture
  • Just like sofa-cum-beds, there are other pieces of furniture that have dual purposes. Some tables can be transformed into desks and vice versa to save spacefurniture-998265_960_720
  • If there is one thing you must absolutely make sure you have plenty of in a small house, is furniture with extra storage. Getting a new bed? Make sure it has storage space to keep all those gameboards and vessels you never use, but don’t wish to throw away.
  • Use the height of the room effectively. You could add shelves and shelves to the corner of the room not frequented so that there are slim chances of anyone hitting their head while walking.
  • Very often a small living space leaves limited space for a closet, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw your clothes on the floor! Look for some innovative hanger designs online and add them to your bedroom to make it look more urban and hip
  • Use a screen or a divider to separate the various sections of your studio apartment. Put in a beautiful screen between your kitchen and the living room to add an illusion of more space. You could also use rugs to create the same illusion
  • A pretty good idea to save space is having sliding doors instead of ones that open forward. This way you don’t even have to worry about the door hitting anyone in the face as you rush out of the room!
  • Opt for skinny furniture; don’t get sofa sets that have fat rolled arms or double cushions. These will occupy a lot of space and make your room look smaller than it is, instead, opt for skinny armed sofas with a straight and thin upholstered back
  • Put the furniture in the corners of the room so that they occupy less space and there is more room to move around in the room

Follow these simple tips and see your house turn into a perfectly liveable space without compromising on style or furniture

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