Get Professional Pool Table Movers for Quick Relocation

If you have a pool table that needs to be relocate from one place to another, Ultimate Billiard Service can assist you! Our pool table movers are friendly, well-trained, and equipped with the right tools to do the job correctly and quickly.

We can help you relocate a table from your old home to your new home, or from your business’ old location to your new one. We can also work with your schedule to ensure it is all completed in the timeframe you need.

How long does it take?

Typically, it takes our technicians less than an hour to take apart and load a table. Everything will be handled with care, and secured in the transport vehicle. It will be taken to the new location, where it will take around 1 ½ hours to put everything together properly.

The Process

We take our work seriously, and our techs are professionally trained. They know how to do the job right. Setup will involve assembly, checking seams, leveling (with accurate mechanic’s equipment) and positioning the table in the room.

In most cases, the table’s cloth can be re-used. We will stretch it properly upon setting up your table at the new location. We will glue and wax the seams for you, and triple check to ensure your table is level and ready to be played.

Professional Service

We have over 20 years of professional experience servicing the billiard industry. We work in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Rockwall areas of Texas, and we also service Atlanta, Georgia.

 Our techs are friendly and knowledgeable.

We can also assist you with recovering and locating pool tables. If you’d like to purchase a second pool table, or replace your current one, we can assist you in finding the right table from a dealer, or through our used locater services.

Any needs you have related to billiards, we can probably help! And, we’ll do it at a fair price.


There’s a reason we have been in business 20 years. It’s because we take care of our customers, and we take care in our work. Countless businesses and families count on us to install, maintain, and repair their tables as-needed. We do the work right, and we do it with a smile!

You can’t beat experience, and our techs have it. We also have the right tools, like mechanic’s levels that are calibrated to 1/100 of an inch for the highest possible accuracy while positioning and installing your billiard table.

You can schedule an appointment by calling 214-298-3689.

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