How to get India visa online

All the people from different countries who want to go India are required to have an international traveling document in the form national passport with the valid visa from the immigration department of India. All the applicants who want to get a visa can apply through online application. The physical copy of application form should be submitted at India visa application center on the schedule. The applicants should visit the website for more details about India visa online.

You should apply for the India visa through the Indian online application link. For getting an Indian visa online, the handwritten application will not be accepted by any Indian post. The dates or schedule provided by the Indian government should be In your memory. Because after the time or date you would not be able to get / achieve India visa online.


The categories of India visa that issued by the Indian government. The Indian government issues these kinds of visas, diplomatic visa, conference visa, emergency visa, employment visa, journalist visa, entry visa, missionaries visa, medical visa, permit to re-entering in two months, student visa, research visa, tourist visa, and a transit visa. For these kinds of visas, you can apply online by the methods which I am telling you in this article.

If you have applied for the visa then the Indian government would be taken 3 days maximum. This is because of the complete study of your case that where are you belonging from, your nationality and much more. For that inquiry, minimum three days are required t the Indian government for verification.

For online application, you have to upload your digital photograph in order to complete the online Indian visa form. Your online picture must contain the criteria that provided by the government. Here, the criteria for picture which you have to upload are given,

  1. The format of your picture should be – JPEG
  2. Size of your digital photo
  • Minimum 10 kb
  • Maximum 300 kb, otherwise not acceptable.
  1. Height and width must be equal.
  2. Full face with open eyes, the front view not the side or back view.
  3. The background should contain light color.
  4. No shadow on your photo.
  5. Your photo should not contain any borders.
  6. Even face height and eye height should be at normal rate or value. (Normal picture does not contain any pose).

The visa fees or expenditures completely depend on the type of visa and also on the duration timing of visa. The fee structures are different for each case like basic fee, special fee and processing fee by outside agencies. In an online method, you have to pay the basic fee and the final fee is paid when you are ready to get the visa from the respective counter.

The extension also provides by the Indian government in some specific types of visas. The time of extension also depends on the visa type. Like, you can take the extension of 5 years in your tourist visa if you are connected with the tourism trade. For extension, the solid reason must be important otherwise, you will fail in finding the extension. So, this is the simple method for the achievement of Indian visa. You can take any kind of information about this website or link

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