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For Getting Your Book Published Digitally, Get In Touch with the Best Publishing

Are you looking for a good publishing house where you can get your manuscript printed digitally to reach a large number of readers? Are you not willing to go for the traditional print publication as its reach is limited and scope of increasing the sales is also not high? Is your manuscript related to health problems or skin problems? If all the answers are in an affirmative tone, it is best to contact the one who know his work best in the industry. Contact Higher Ways Publishing and say goodbye to all worries.

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The company is known for publication of e-books of a great variety with emphasis on health issues and as e-books are the norm of the modern times, it is indeed the best move to get your book published digitally. However, before understanding the services of Higher Ways Publishing, it is good to have a brief idea of the background of e-books too. It is always best to hire someone who has decades of experience in publishing and who can take care of the sales figures too by devising and implementing an array of successful e-marketing strategies for their clients.

Background of e-books

Publishing books in a digital format starts in the year 1993 when author Peter James published his first thriller “Host” on floppy disc. He then invited wide criticism and accused of killing the essence of the novel entirely, but contrary to the popular belief, the book experience a soaring sales of about 12,000 copies. Obviously, the vision of Peter James was way ahead of the times and he makes the right calculations regarding wide scope of e-books or digitally published material.

According to some people, history of e-books dates back to 1949 i.e. long before the publication of “Host”. This e-book was published by Roberto Busa and was stored on a single computer. Its distributable version surfaces only in 1989. Now, with the popularity of Kindle, nobody complains about e-books and there is a section of readers who find it more comfortable to read e-books. Today, many authors also opt for a traditional print along with a digital print to cater to the taste of every kind of readers.

Higher Ways Publishing is the perfect company that you can contact to get the work done in a most effortless manner. The team of professionals working at the company takes care of every aspect of e-book publishing i.e. starting from proof-reading, editing and all. With more than 30 websites running successfully by the publication house, you can be assured about the design aspect too. The company is also efficient in running e-marketing campaigns so that you can be relaxed at the end of the day regarding the reach of your digitally published work.

To know more about the services or to approach them with your manuscript, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. You will surely love the professionalism and quality offered by the vastly reputed company.

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