How to get Australian visa online

You have to get the visa if you want to go for any foreign country. But there are different types of visas which you can get for different purposes. For Australia, many passport holders who want to go into the Australia. For Australia, there is electronic travel authority (ETA). This is for visa less than 90 days in just small fee. You can apply for the visa online but if you are not eligible to apply through online then you have submitted the paper application (hand written application). For the online application, you can go to the website At this website, you can find all the information about visa requirement or for any other traveling purpose.

There are also many different kinds of visas that issued by the Australian government. The names of visas are written visitor visa, electronic traveler visa, eVisitor, short-term visas and long-term visas. In visit visa, you can apply online if you are the outsider. But for that purpose, you should have the passport from some country or with nationality. Because this visa only granted to those customers or clients with the valid passport from the eligible country.


For the online purpose, you have to provide basic information in your application. Without basic information, your application might take a long time in order to finalize. After finalize your application online. You cannot copy paste you’re provided data from application to any other site. You can apply online just for the visit visa and business visa. At any time, you can apply online for the Australian visa.

Australia visa online is only applicable when you fill application form provided by the Australian government. There are certain columns asked by the Australian government in its online application. That column contains your personal data and your official data including the digital photo. The digital picture should have as according to with the rules and regulation of Australian government. The uploaded photo should contain JPEG file. And also contain photo size described by the Australian government. Your photo should contain your face and half of your neck. Background of your picture should contain light color or may be white color background.

The Australian government also provides the facility of extension in different visas. Based on different situation. You can also apply for the extension in your already present visa. But this happened only if you provide the solid reason to the government immigration department. If you have visit visa or business visa then you can take the extension in your visa by providing the solid reason to the Australian government.

For all this process,, this is the website where you can find any information about the visa holding, to get the new visa or about the extension in your already holding visa. You also find the online application form from here and apply easily by filing that application form. Even you can find other traveling information from this website. So, this is the how to get Australia visa online. And I hope that you will find this method useful.

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