Gel Heel Lift vs. Height Increasing Insoles- Which One is best?

In case you are interested in buying height insoles, you will come across two options i.e. gel heel flits and height increasing insoles. So the question is, what is the difference between the two? When both are meant for increasing the height, then what makes the two different?Read further to find that out:

height insoles

GelHeel Lift

They are made from silicone gel heel lifts that are adjustable and versatile. They are quite precise in improving the height. All you have to do is stack them in the shoes and the best thing is that you can add as many layers as you want to increase your height. Each layer of the lift increases your height by 7mm. When you buy the gel heel lift, you will get 5 layers. There are more benefits of the gel heel lifts. They are meant for those individuals who have one leg shorter than another. They are quite precise in adjusting the height. They are also ideal to use for the small shoes where you cannot adjust the insoles that easily. They are capable of adjusting inside the shoes despite the issue that there is not much space available.

Height Increasing Insoles

These insoles have been designed for offering comfort along with increasing the height of the person. They are solid and substantial and they are much durable than the gel ones. The only problem with these insoles is the fact that they are not adjustable. Furthermore, you can only add 2 layers and this will result in increasing the height by 2 inches too. In case you have the trouble of leg length problem, these insoles are not best for you because they are not adjustable. They take more space in the shoe so you can only fit them in larger footwear.

Which One to Choose?

The next question that arises now is which one to choose? In case you have leg length discrepancy, then the best insoles would be the Gel heel lift. If you are looking for a flexible option for increasing height, then again these lifts are best to use. If you are looking for superior comfort, the height increasing insoles are best, but the only problem is that they are not adjustable and you would need shoes having a large amount of room.

Maintaining the insoles for increasing durability

Now that you have decided which height insole to choose, there are some instructions that you are required to follow in order to take care of them. Don’t always keep the insoles in your shoes because they will catch moisture and if you don’t make the moisture dry, then the insoles will wear out soon. Regular cleaning is also recommended, but you must follow precautions depending on the material the insole is made from. The more you take care of your height insoles, the longer they are going to last. In the end, they will offer you comfort and give a boost to your height.

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