The Fun and Fashion of Maternity Formal Wear

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, there are many things she thinks about. Getting all the baby things in place before the baby comes, living as healthy as possible, and making sure the husband doesn’t feel neglected. The one thing that seems to take last place almost right out of the gate is a woman’s ability to focus on her own wants and needs.

It is often not until half way through a pregnancy that a woman realizes that a new wardrobe is necessary and by then it isn’t as easy to fit into the budget as it would have been if it had been handled earlier and in small spurts. One suggestion for ensuring your pregnancy attire is as comfortable and functional as possible is to build a capsule wardrobe of mix and match pieces early with additional pieces added as you go for a fun change of pace.

An often-overlooked element of any woman’s wardrobe is maternity formal wear.  Not everyone will need to have one or two formal pieces available but if you get invited to a wedding, want to take special family pictures or find yourself otherwise needing to step things up, there are some beautiful and stylish options available to you. There are even stunning designer wedding dresses available that will leave your special day as memorable as you have always dreamed.

Pregnancy is a time when lots of pictures are taken, when many memories are made, and when looking fabulous is not always the first thing on your mind. Easy solutions are much more likely to be used and no one wants to spend hours searching for something that is comfortable and fits appropriately.

You may be worried about budgeting for specialty items such as maternity formal wear which you may think you will only wear once and then it will sit in the closet collecting dust. Consider these options to get the most value for your money:


  • Purchase items that are easy to care for.
  • Purchase items in basic colors that are wearable for many types of occasions.
  • Consider simple designs that allow for accessorizing
  • If you know you wont wear again, re-sell or consign the item
  • Know you lifestyle and choose based on the activities you normally do.
  • Remember that a good alteration can turn that maternity dress into a lifelong wearable piece if you choose the design carefully.


With so many beautiful options and many ways to ensure you will get more than one use out of your investment, it’s time to jump in with both feet and choose something that will make you look absolutely fabulous. A formal event can be a great opportunity to remind yourself how beautiful you are, and how wonderful it is to be sharing these special events with the tiny person growing inside you. Take lots of pictures and truly enjoy the experience. You will want to look back on this experience and your beautiful maternity clothes will make this day much more memorable.

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