A free online marketplace

Why BriskSale?

At first glance we look like a free online marketplace, which we are, but that’s just the beginning.  We’re creating an opportunity.  An opportunity for online sellers to lower their prices without affecting their bottom line.  An opportunity for shoppers to find unique products at a price they cannot find anywhere else.  Most importantly, an opportunity for anyone to make money online from any device.  Celebrities make great endorsers, but so do friends and family.


Our BriskSelling App

Connecting people
A marketplace serves to connect people in a safe and efficient way.  BriskSale hopes to do that better, hence our slogan, “A Better Marketplace.”  We always intended to have zero selling fees, but we never intended to be a zero fee marketplace.  In fact, we had zero intentions of every marketing ourselves that way – it was simply a result of our structure.  Collecting selling fees simply made no sense to us, and we wanted to give the world a marketplace with features worth paying for.  In addition, we believed that people are better salespeople than computers.  All we had to do was build a system that allowed anyone to help promote anyone else’s products for a specified commission.  BriskSale was born.
Now what?
We’ll keep building, adding new features, marketing, and providing the best customer service we can manage.  We wake up every day motivated to ensure the BriskSale brand becomes one of trust and opportunity.

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