Four Types of Food Which Are Responsible for Weight Gain

If you are informed about what is good for you and what is bad, then you can keep a check on the food you are consuming. In the absence of which you will keep on eating and later you have to face the consequences of unhealthy food. In this article, we will discuss those foods which contributes to gaining fat and increases body weight. There are many food items which people think are good for them, but in the long run, they bring negative results. You will get more information from Here are a few facts which may surprise you; we will take them one by one.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are full of starch and zero fiber value. When you eat starched enriched foods, they get converted into sugar. This is a natural phenomenon of our body to produce insulin in order to control the sugar. The production of insulin contributes in storing fat and repetition of this cycle results in increased body weight.body

When you consume food items which are full of starch but have low fiber value, this brings fatigue and makes you depressed. Low fiber content may bring constipation and will lead to several other diseases. In the same way, depression brings blood sugar and diabetes. Anything which affects the hormonal secretion in our body is responsible for some diseases in a way or the other.

Sugar-Free Ice Cream and Desserts

Sugar-free products are full of artificial sweeteners which are responsible to increase your body weight because they trick your mind. When you consume these items, they don’t provide any nutrients which are essential for your body. These artificial sweeteners increase the cravings and as a result of which you eat more and gain weight. If you are really concerned about your health, then visit and keep a safe distance from highly toxic sweeteners like saccharin, sucralose, aspartame and acesulfame-k.

Protein and Energy Bars

Do you know that consuming protein and energy bars can create deficiencies of vitamin B complex, calcium, and magnesium? Zinc is extremely essential for the strengthening of immune system and plays a significant role in the behavior and intelligence of a human being. Zinc is required for proper growth and functioning of the brain cells. It can also control your blood sugar level and empowers the reproductive systems. This doesn’t mean that you cannot consume protein and energy bars which are generally soy protein isolates. In order to achieve a healthy body you need several vitamins and minerals, so consuming only an isolate may create the deficiency.

Slim Shakes

These shakes are manufactured with the high fructose content and the hydrogenated oils. Experts say that it is anti-nutrient. It is full of omega-6 fatty acids which can disrupt the blood sugar and are inflammatory also. There are flour enriched products available in the market, manufacturers take around 15 nutrients from them and add only 2-3 to them.

On the other hand, if you make it a habit of consuming fruits and vegetables. This will not only satisfy your desire, it will also provide essential elements to your body.

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