Formula 1 and DHL!

Every sport is about dedication, sincerity, efficiency and ability. Of course practice plays a huge role and so do resources and infrastructure. But what also becomes necessary is perseverance. While the spectacle of Formula 1 or F1 racing has billions mesmerized, there is a different kind of race that is on throughout the season to ensure that the eventual event is successful.


That race is referred to as the race behind the race. And that race is championed by DHL. The entire responsibility of shipping the cars, equipment and all essential as well as relatively nonessential components from one half of the world to another, from one corner of earth to another, is upon the able shoulders of DHL. In a way, DHL ensures that F1 gets off to a racing start.

There is no dearth of couriers in the world but when it comes to operations which are larger than a juggernaut, then it comes down to a few and DHL has managed to become the best among those few. For more than thirty years now, DHL has managed to succeed at the world’s fastest logistics race. And keeping up with the demands of F1 season is indeed the world’s fastest and also the most complicated logistics race.

If you think about it, F1 teams need to fly across the world in very short spans of time. While ferrying people in business class is one ballgame, getting the entire infrastructure from one end of the world to another, that too within a couple of days without jeopardizing anything or even putting any component at risk is an overwhelming challenge. Yet, DHL has managed to deliver for years.

The challenges are multifaceted. F1 teams typically travel more than a hundred thousand miles in a season, between test sessions and races. The cars and all equipments also travel the same distance if not more. One weekend, the cars could be in Kuala Lumpur and the following week they may have to be in Spain. No other company offers as efficient parcel delivery to Spain or anywhere else in the world as DHL.

There is a reason why DHL has remained the official logistics partner of Formula 1 for years. And the way things are, including the superfast deliveries and state of the art transportation systems, that situation is unlikely to change in the near or distant future.

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