Ford f150 rear doors won’t open

Ford f150 rear doors won’t open because Ford settled on an inferior building choice with the link closes in the hook framework and made them out of plastic. A metal pivot turns against the plastic end to open the hook. Following ten years of wear, the plastic end gets to be weak and breaks which cause the back ways not to initiate when pulling the handle. As explained above, Ford is currently using a plastic dip for their assembly with regards to the rear doors. As a result, you might start to face issues with the passage of time. In the meanwhile, you will have a few alterations which you could do yourself or even you could take it to any Ford dealership around the City. The better way to deal with Ford f150 rear doors stuck is to buy a metal or aluminum and try to fix the issue yourself.


Ford has issues because they are not using high-end build quality products. If you try to solve it on your own, you will be able to save at least a grand than the dealership, and you will get to have a permanent solution to your problem.

Following are a few steps as well as precautions you might need to consider to solve your problem.

You can get it fixed:

Ford f150 rear doors stuck but you can get it fixed. But do not try to take it to the dealership. If you take the truck to the merchant, they need to offer you the whole link get together which will be a stunning $400 a piece also the expense of establishment or installation. Altering this issue with the merchant or dealership will result in the same problem 10 to 15 years, not far off in light of the fact that they will utilize the same plastic trash link closest the doors.

Fix it yourself:

Fortunately, some intelligent individuals created the Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit to settle the issue. All you need to do to alter the point is:

1)    Buy the Door Latch Cable Repair Kit (You can buy either the Single Kit for Door or Two Kits for Door)

2)    Observe a few recordings on the procedure, it is not extremely troublesome but rather takes around 2 hours for every entryway.

3)    Take after the records and repair your entryways at a small amount of the expense forever.

About the Kit:

They are very superior in quality as the company is using specialized machinery that is used in designing aircraft. They are just adding value to your money and saving some extra dollars as well.

This is a highly regular issue with an extensive variety of Mazda and Ford trucks and happens after around 10 to 15 years of wear contingent upon the atmosphere thus it is important to look for a permanent solution!

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